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Highlights of APA's editorial coverage over the preceding year.

January 2016

As the multifamily housing market booms, builders are increasingly turning to glulam to save time and moneyThe Best Way to Frame: Less Wood, More Thought

Less is more, more or less. And now it is codified. Advanced framing has been around for fifty years or more, but somehow it is still new to many framing crews. Probably because tape measures have red marks every 16 inches, and we are all accustomed to framing at 16 inches on center. Read more.
- published in Pro Trade Craft

November 2015

As the multifamily housing market booms, builders are increasingly turning to glulam to save time and moneyGlulam Helps Builders Meet Booming Demand for Multifamily Construction

Builders expect that a building product will provide solid, reliable performance for multifamily construction. But when that same product also provides significant savings over other framing options, builders take notice. Read more.
- published in Professional Builder


Advanced Framing For High Performance and Low Waste

Our team has long sought to be at the top of our market--and to lead the market with new building techniques that help our customers save energy while ensuring maximum performance. We’re always looking for new ways to build more efficiently, all the while asking: What makes the most sense for our company and our buyers? Read more.
- published in Professional Builder

October 2015

Boulder Beauty

Engineered wood products provide material and installation savings for custom home.

You know you’ve done it right when the view of the home is just as spectacular as the view from the home.  Read more.
- published in Professional Builder



Brace Yourself for an Easier Solution to Wall Bracing

If you enjoy sifting through pages of code and calculations, read no further. But if you want to simplify the process of designing wall bracing for your residential projects, you’re going to appreciate APA – The Engineered Wood Association’s new online Wall Bracing CalculatorRead more.
- published in Professional Builder

September 2015

Compelling Conversations About Wood: Coastal Environment

Architect Greg Mella and APA's Karyn Beebe have a frank and far-reaching discussion abut the tangibles of using wood in corrosive environments - and beyond. Read more.
- published in Building Design + Construction

August 2015

Selling Engineered Lumber

Storing and Selling Subfloor Panels

Wood structural panels—OSB and plywood—are commonly used for subfloors and are proven to perform well under a range of finished flooring, including 3/4″ hardwood. However, both the subfloor and finished flooring may be susceptible to moisture, so care should be taken in both storage and installation to prevent problems down the road. Read more
- published in LBM Journal


Selling Engineered Lumber

Demonstration Home Showcases Dealer Role in Efficient Framing

During the last week of July, Illinois builder Beechen & Dill opened one of its under-construction homes to fellow Chicago-area architects, builders, and code officials, providing a hands-on look at straightforward energy-efficient construction techniques that can be easily replicated in nearly any house around the country. Read more.
- published in LBM Journal

July 2015

A Canadian study showed that wood in interiors was perceived by a majority of subjects as more “warm,” “inviting,” “homey,” and “relaxing” than all other tested materialsNature in Design: The Biophilia Effect

The preference for nature has a name: biophilia, which literally means “love of life.”

When given a choice, many people express a preference for natural materials and other elements that incorporate or evoke nature. Read more.
- published in Building Design + Construction