APA in the Media

Highlights of APA's editorial coverage over the preceding year.

June 2014

"Pedestrian Bridge Complements Scenic Surroundings"—Civil + Structural ENGINEER

The June 2014 edition of Civil + Strucural ENGINEER magazine featured the Placer River Trail Bridge Case Study in its "Project + Technology: Transportation" section. Carefully designed for service in remote Alaska, the glulam timber truss camelback bridge is also the longest of its kind in North America. See the article.

"Plywood and OSB Deliver Materials Handling Solutions"—Pallet Enterprise

The June 2014 Edition of Pallet Enterprise magazine outlined the uses and advantages of plywood and OSB in materials handling applications. See the article.

April 2014

"US: Panel Production Hikes in the First Quarter"—IHB: the timber network

IHB: the timber network reported on APA's spring market updates for panels and other engineered wood products on April 22, 2014. See the article.

"Back to Basics: 4 Strategies To Prevent Nail Pops"—Professional Builder

On April 4, 2014, Professional Builder ran an article on how to avoid nail backout through proper installation. See the article.

March 2014

Back to Basics: 4 Steps to Squeak-Free Floors—Professional Builder

Professional Builder published this discussion on proper floor installation techniques. See the article.

Can 2x6s be Cheaper than 2X4 Framing? APA Thinks So. And It Can Prove It.—LBM Journal

In the "Green Building" section of the March 2014 LBM Journal: an article explains that meeting International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements with 2x6 Advanced Framing techniques can be less expensive than traditional framing options. See the article on page 22.

February 2014

"The World's Most Advanced Building Material is... Wood"—Popular Science

A discussion of the modern wood skyscraper, including cross-laminated timber (CLT), and engineered wood's advantages as a building material, from a structural and environmental standpoint. See the article.

"Product Review: What Is the Latest in Structural Systems?"—Residential Building Products and Technology

Residential Building Products and Technologypublished a discussion on the applications of engineered wood products in structural systems. See the article.