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Simple construction details for moisture-resistant homes.

Preventing moisture from getting trapped in the building envelope is key to constructing long-lasting homes that stay dry and comfortable. Most of the construction details that help to keep a home dry are simple to install. Select one of the options below for a complete list of construction details, or download the Build a Better Home brochures shown below.


    Build A Better Home - Foundations Installing good drainage systems and making sure the ground slopes away from the foundation are two important steps in foundation construction.

    Build A Better Home - FoundationsDownload a PDF of the BBH Foundations Brochure


    Build A Better Home - Walls Care in wall design, particularly around window and door openings, can prevent damaging moisture build-up.

    Build A Better Home - WallsDownload a PDF of the BBH Walls Brochure


    Build A Better Home - Roofs Both the overall design of the roof and the finishing materials are important factors in designing a building to withstand moisture penetration.

    Build A Better Home - RoofsDownload a PDF of the BBH Roofs Brochure

Build a Better Home?

Build A Better Home

Designed to provide builders and homeowners the construction guidelines they need to protect their homes against damaging moisture infiltration, the Build a Better Home program from APA encourages better building practices for the key elements of a residential structure: roofs, walls and the foundation. Learn more.