APA Field Services

The APA Field Services team consists of full-time engineered wood specialists located throughout North America. These engineered wood experts include engineers, architects, and construction experts who are available to provide information and recommendations to construction and design professionals.

Areas of Expertise

Each APA representative is available to provide consultation and seminar training on topics such as:

  • IRC Wall Bracing
  • APA Simplified Wall Bracing Method
  • The APA Wall Bracing Calculator
  • Advanced Framing for IECC Compliant Walls
  • Moisture and Mold Prevention in Building Assemblies
  • I-Joist and LVL Floor System Installation
  • Fire Protection of I-joist Floors
  • Shear Walls and Diaphragms
  • Code Changes Affecting Engineered Wood
  • Top Ten Framing Challenges—and How to Solve Them
  • Picture Perfect Framing—Minimizing Common Callbacks
  • Preventing Floor Squeak and Callbacks
  • Minimizing Roof Imperfections and Callbacks
  • Designing with Glulam Beams
  • Inspecting Engineered Wood Applications
Seminars and Webinars

The Field Services team conducts education and training seminars and webinars on the above topics and more. Seminars are typically presented to residential builders, commercial contractors, engineers, designers, lumber dealers or wholesale lumber distributors. To request a meeting or seminar, contact the Field Services manager, Mark Halverson.