APA - The Engineered Wood Association

Residential Construction

APA offers resources and instructions to help builders construct durable homes that withstand the elements.

  • Build a Better Home: APA’s moisture management program for professionals offers detailed floor, wall and roof assemblies to mitigate moisture intrusion.
  • Building to Withstand Forces of Nature: Why fully sheathed walls of plywood or OSB are strong barriers that resist the persistent forces of wind and earthquakes.

Learn the Bracing Basics from APA

For simple solutions for code-compliant wall construction, visit PerformanceWalls.org, your leading resource for wall bracing and building safe, durable and energy-efficient walls.

APA Simplified Wall Bracing Method

SR-102: APA Simplified Wall Bracing Method Using Wood Structural Panel Continuous Sheathing

This free APA System Report explains how to use continuous plywood or OSB sheathing for a more flexible, streamlined approach to code-compliant wall bracing. (For an overview of the benefites of the APA Simplified Bracing Method, view Simplified Bracing Method Streamlines Design.)

Guide to the 2012 Bracing Provisions

Guide to the 2012 IRC Wood Wall Bracing Provisions

Latest wood wall bracing guide provides an explanation of the lateral bracing provisions of the 2012 IRC.