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Glulam products, when manufactured with waterproof adhesives and pressure-preservative treatments, can be used in exposed applications such as bridges, utility poles and crossarms, and docks. Glulam beams are used in pedestrian and light vehicular applications, such as stream crossings on golf courses and in parks. They are also used in larger highway and railroad bridges. Designs range from straight girders to soaring arches. In all of these applications, the strength and stiffness of glulam give builders and designers more design versatility than they have with other structural products.

Winners of the 2004-05 Timber Bridge Awards Announced

Over the past decade, the U.S. wood products industry has sponsored four major award programs to recognize superior design and construction of timber bridges. The program, sponsored by APA - The Engineered Wood Association, American Institute of Timber Construction and USDA Forest Service Wood in Transportation Program highlights the elegance, strength, economy, and historical role of timber bridges.

2004-05 Winning Bridges
Timber Highway Bridges (Main Span under 40 feet)
First Place:
Burr Oaks Road Bridge, Linn County, Iowa

Awards of Merit:
Big Canoe Bridge, Big Canoe, Georgia
Aitken Drive Bridge, Cumberland County, New Jersey

Timber Highway Bridges (Main Span over 40 feet)
First Place:
Alton Sylor Bridge, Allegany County, New York

Award of Merit:
Hopland Casino Bridge, Hopland, California

Pedestrian/Light Vehicular Bridges
First Place:
Centennial Garden, Longview, Washington

Awards of Merit:
Pochuck Quagmire Suspension Bridge, Vernon Valley, New Jersey
Potwisha Footbridge, Sequoia National Park, California

Covered Bridges
First Place:
Brighton Bridge, Brighton, Vermont

Awards of Merit:
Old Mill Covered Pedestrian Bridge, Roswell, Georgia
Littleton Riverwalk Pedestrian Bridge, Littleton, New Hampshire

Rehabilitated Bridges
First Place:
Fisher School Bridge, Lincoln County, Oregon

Awards of Merit:
Henninger Farm Bridge, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Milbridge Pier, Milbridge, Maine