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Home Projects

Plywood and OSB are easy to work with in a host of do-it-yourself projects. If you're tackling a bigger project, comprehensive information and design recommendations can be found in the Construction Basics section of this web site.

Painting Your House?

Whether you are finishing a new house or refinishing an older home, a quality stain or paint can keep the wood panel or lap siding looking good. And care in applying the proper finish can make considerable difference in the length of its life. For a description of recommended finishes for APA Rated Siding, consult the APA Performance Rated Sidings product guide.

Visit APA's home projects web site, www.apahomeprojects.org.

Learn More About APA Member Products

Get the latest information on APA member products, locate a member manufacturer near you, and download publications from the products section of apawood.org.

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