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Other Proprietary Concrete Form Panel Types

Additional plywood grades specifically designed for concrete forming include special overlay panels and proprietary panels. These panels are designed to produce a smooth, uniform concrete surface. Some proprietary panels are made of Group 1 wood species only, and have thicker face and back veneers than those normally used. These provide greater parallel-to-face grain strength and stiffness for the panel. Faces may be specially treated or coated with a release agent. Check with the manufacturer for design specifications and surface treatment recommendations.

Concrete Forming Manufacturers

Swanson Group Mfg. LLC.
Westlam Industries Ltd.
Savona Specialty Plywood Company Ltd.
Timber Products Company
Richmond Plywood Corp. Ltd.
Murphy Company
Coastal Treated Products
Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC
Pacific Wood Laminates, Inc.
Hood Industries, Incorporated
Natron Wood Products
Plum Creek
Eagle Plywood Specialties
Roseburg Forest Products Company
Potlatch Corporation
Boise Cascade Company
Hardel Mutual Plywood Corporation
Olympic Panel Products LLC