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Open Space Design With Glulam

The strength and durability of glulam beams make them an ideal choice for large, open designs where long spans are required. Glulam beams, arches, and trusses can be used in a host of design configurations.

In residential construction, the strength of glulam allows for long spans without intermediate supports in garage door headers, floor beams, and ridge beams. For the designer, the capability to achieve longer spans makes it easier to achieve the open, airy designs and high ceilings that are popular in today’s homes.

Longer Spans Offer Buyer Benefits

In this application, a glulam supports the second floor I-joist framing. The glulam beam was chosen for its size, strength and availability. A two-car garage is directly below the upper story room and the glulam beam allows a long clear span with no intermediate supports. Conventional solid-sawn timbers or other structural framing members would not have been able to span the necessary distance without additional support, and eliminating the need for a post in the middle of the garage means there’s more room to open and close car doors and maneuver vehicles.