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APA - Your Technical Resource For Glulam Information

APA – The Engineered Wood Association, is an organization dedicated to the promotion of engineered wood systems. APA serves manufacturers of engineered wood products, including glued laminated timber (glulam). Glulam produced by APA member manufacturers is certified with the APA EWS trademark.

APA EWS Trademark

This mark of quality is supported by comprehensive services for quality validation, product research, testing, and marketing. More than 65 percent of the glulam beams currently manufactured in North America bear the APA EWS trademark. The mark appears only on beams manufactured by Engineered Wood Systems members and signifies that beams are produced to the requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard A190.1. This is the national consensus standard used by all agencies inspecting glulam beams.

How To Read The APA EWS Trademark

B Indicates Structural Use

B-Simple span bending member
C-Compression member
T-Tension member
CB-Continuous or cantilevered span bending member

IND Designates Appearance Grade

Available appearance grades include:
INDUSTRIAL, for enclosed or exposed areas where appearance is not important
ARCHITECTURAL, for exposed applications
PREMIUM, custom order where appearance is of prime importance
FRAMING, for enclosed use such as headers

EWS-Y117 Indicates EWS Laminating Specification

APA EWS 24F-1.8E Indicates Structural Grade Designation

The 24F indicates an allowable bending stress of 2,400 psi
The 1.8 indicates a modulus of elasticity of 1.8 x 106 psi
The E indicates mechanically graded lumber, whereas a V would indicate visually graded lumber

DF Indicates Wood Species

This glulam is made from Douglas-fir laminations

MILL 0000 Indicates Mill Number

ANSI Indicates Applicable Standard

ANSI A190.1, Structural Glued Laminated Timber, is the American National Standard for glulam beams.