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Engineered wood products are a high-performance, consistent, reliable and environmentally responsible choice for everything from construction to materials handling applications to home projects.

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Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam)

Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam)

An engineered stress-rated product created by bonding together individual pieces of lumber. Can be shaped into forms ranging from straight beams to complex curved members. Used for headers, floor girders, ridge beams and purlins, arches, domes, exposed applications including bridges and utility structures, and much more.
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APA Performance Rated I-joists (PRI)


APA Performance Rated I-joists (PRI) are "I"-shaped structural members comprised of top and bottom flanges, that resist common bending stresses, bordering a web, that provides outstanding shear performance. Used extensively in residential and light commercial construction for both floor and roof framing.
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Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Structural wood panels manufactured from rectangular-shaped strands of wood that are oriented length-wise, arranged in perpendicular layers, laid up into mats, and bonded together. Commonly used for sheathing, I-joist web material, upholstered furniture, and many other construction and industrial applications.
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The original structural wood panel. Manufactured from thin sheets of veneers that are cross-laminated for strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. Appearance grades range from smooth, natural surfaces suitable for finish work and underlayment to more economical grades used for wall sheathing, subfloors and siding.
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APA Performance Rated Rim Board

Rim Board

APA Performance Rated Rim Board® works in concert with wood I-joists to deliver a complete framing solution. Rim boards fill the space between the sill plate and the bottom wall plate, or between the top and bottom plate in multi-floor construction, and are an integral structural component that transfers both lateral and vertical forces.
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APA Performance Rated Siding


APA Performance Rated siding lends strength and beauty to residential and light commercial buildings. A single layer of rack-resistant panel siding delivers an attractive exterior appearance while eliminating the labor and materials cost of installing separate structural sheathing or diagonal wall bracing.
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APA Specialty Products

Specialty Products

A host of specialty engineered wood products are tailored to meet unique needs in building construction (such as radiant barrier sheathing with reflective surfaces that minimize radiant heat gains) and industrial applications (including furniture frames, pallets, crates, signs, truck and RV bodies, and more).
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Structural Composite Lumber (SCL)

Structural Composite Lumber

Created by bonding layers of dried and graded wood veneers, strands or flakes with waterproof adhesive into blocks. Solid, highly predictable and uniform, SCL products are sawn to consistent sizes and are virtually free from warping and splitting. Commonly used in headers, beams, rafters, studs, joists, columns and I-joist flange material.
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