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Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

OSB is manufactured from waterproof heat-cured adhesives and rectangularly shaped wood strands that are arranged in cross-oriented layers, similar to plywood. This results in a structural engineered wood panel that shares many of the strength and performance characteristics of plywood. Produced in huge, continuous mats, OSB is a solid panel product of consistent quality with no laps, gaps or voids.

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Detailed and technical information on OSB can be found in the OSB section of the publications store. Here you will find a complete listing of all APA publications featuring OSB, including case studies, technical sheets, builder tips and more. Many of these publications can be immediately downloaded for free. This section is searchable by keyword.

Unlimited Applications

OSB is widely used in residential and commercial construction, and is gaining popularity in markets such as materials handling and the manufacturing of upholstered furniture. The manufacturing process makes it possible for panel makers to add innovative features such as a slip-resistant texture to panels designed for roof sheathing, and to supply oversized and metric panels.

Environmentally Smart

OSB panels can be manufactured from a wide range of fast-growing species and from relatively small trees. The production process utilizes a maximum amount of wood fiber from each tree that is harvested, and because the process is very highly automated the yield of finished product is very high.

The APA Mark of Quality

OSB sheathing trademark

APA trademarks appear only on products manufactured by APA member mills. The mark signifies that panel quality is subject to verification through APA audit– a procedure designed to assure manufacture in conformance with APA performance standards or the standard shown in the mark.

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