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Rim Board ®

APA Performance Rated Rim Board is a specially designed component that is engineered to work in concert with wood I-joists to deliver a complete engineered wood framing solution.

An Integral System Component

APA Performance Rated Rim Board fills the space between the sill plate and the bottom wall plate, or between the top plate and bottom plate in multi-floor construction. In addition to filling the void, Rim Board is an integral structural component that transfers both lateral and vertical forces. To function properly, the Rim Board must match the depth of framing members, and conventional solid sawn lumber typically does not match the new generation of wood I-joists.

For Detailed and Technical Information

If you're looking for detailed and technical information on Rim Board, you may wish to jump directly to the Rim Board section of the Publications Store. Here you will find a complete listing of APA publications featuring Rim Board, including technical sheets, builder tips and more. Many of these publications can be immediately downloaded for free. This section is searchable by keyword.

Quality, Consistency and Reliability

APA Performance Rated Rim Boards can be manufactured using plywood, OSB, glulam or LVL. Depending on the product used, building material suppliers can deliver APA Performance Rated Rim Boards in lengths up to 24 feet. These engineered wood Rim Boards have greater dimensional stability, higher strength, increased structural reliability, more consistent quality and a lower tendancy to check or split than sawn lumber.

The APA EWS Mark of Quality

Rim Board Trademark

APA EWS trademarks appear only on products manufactured by APA EWS member mills. The mark signifies that panel quality is subject to verification through APA EWS audit– a procedure designed to assure manufacture in conformance with APA performance standards or the standard shown in the mark.