APA - The Engineered Wood Association

Specialty Engineered Wood Products

Several APA member mills manufacture engineered wood products tailored to meet unique needs, such as industrial applications, concrete forming and radiant barrier sheathing.

Industrial Applications

Engineered wood “Performance Panels” deliver increased value, better durability, and long-term performance in a variety of non-construction applications. A few of the many possible uses include upholstered furniture frames, pallets and other materials handling applications, RV and truck bodies, highway signs and billboards. For more information, visit performancepanels.com, an online resource dedicated to industrial markets. 

Concrete Forming

Concrete forming with wood structural panelsVirtually any Exterior-type APA panel can be used for concrete formwork because all such panels are manufactured with waterproof glue. Plyform, High Density Overlay (HDO) and certain proprietary Medium Density Overlay (MDO) panels are particularly well-suited to concrete forming use. During plywood production, these overlays are bonded to the plywood under heat and pressure in a press. The function of the overlay is to add stability, repel foreign substances from the surface and provide a smoother and more durable forming surface. The thermo-set resins used in overlay production are hard and resist water, chemicals and abrasion. HDO is most often specified where the smoothest possible concrete finish and maximum number of reuses is desired. Learn more about concrete forming panels.

Radiant Barrier Panels

Radiant barriers use reflective surfaces that minimize radiant heat gains in homes and buildings by reducing the impact of solar radiation. Radiant barriers can be incorporated into walls and floors, but the most common application is in attics where, in warmer climates, solar radiation can account for as much as 93 percent of heat flow. As the sun strikes the roof’s surface, the temperature of the roof materials increases. Heat conducts from the hot roof materials through the roof panels and can radiate into the attic and internal building surfaces, warming the interior of the home.

Radiant barrier sheathing panels are engineered wood panels with a thin layer of highly-reflective aluminum facing that reduces radiant heat gain into the attic. The result is a cooler attic, which can equate to lower utility bills, improved energy efficiency and a more comfortable indoor environment. To learn more about APA member radiant barrier products, click a link below. Additional information is also available from the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association (RIMA).

Detailed and Technical Information

If you're looking for detailed and technical information on specialty engineered wood products, visit the Specialty Products section of the publications store to view related publications, including case studies, technical sheets, builder tips and more. Many publications can be downloaded immediately for free.