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February 2013

Click on the links to download the following new and updated publications.

ANSI Standard for Structural Glued Laminated Timber Now Available

As reported last month, the American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) has transferred three American National Standards from AITC to APA.

ANSI A190.1-2012, American National Standard for Wood Products - Structural Glued Laminated Timber is now available from APA's online Publication Library. The Standard provides requirements for the production of structural glued laminated timber, including size tolerances, grade combinations, lumber, adhesives, appearance grades, and manufacturing information. It also describes the required quality control system for the laminator including: plant qualification, daily quality control, the functions of an accredited inspection agency and product marking.

This 40-page brochure is only available as a free downloadable PDF. Click on the link to download ANSI A190.1-2012, Standard for Wood Products - Structural Glued Laminated Timber, Form ANSI A190.1-2012.

The other two Standards, ANSI 405 – 2008 (previously AITC 405) American National Standard, Standard for Adhesives for use in Structural Glued Laminated Timber, and ANSI 117 – 2010 (previously AITC 117) American National Standard, Standard Specification for Structural Glued Laminated Timber of Softwood Species will be available later this month.

Builder TipsUpdated Builder Tips Available

APA Builder Tips address a single common topic or challenge in construction and are designed to help construction professionals save time and money on the job through improved construction practices.

The following Builder Tips have recently been updated. All are available from APA's online Publication Library as free downloadable PDFs and also for purchase as printed brochures. Click on the links for additional information.

Builder Tips: Proper Storage and Handling of Glulam Beams provides recommendations on proper loading and unloading, storage in the yard and the job site, transportation, and the use of sealants, primers and wrappings. This two-page tip sheet, Form R540, was updated February 2013. Purchase price: $0.10.

Builder Tips: APA Panels for Soffit Applications offers information on selecting the appropriate panel and spans for open and closed soffits. This two-page tip sheet, Form N330, was updated February 2013. Purchase price: $0.10.

Builder Tips: Storage and Handling of APA Trademarked Panels provides guidelines to help protect panels from damage in storage, during shipment, and on the job site. This 2-page tip sheet, Form U450, was updated January 2013. Purchase price: $0.10.

Additional Builder Tips

Do you need recommendations on constructing a squeak-free floor system, how to cut callbacks with proper spacing and nailing, or information on I-joist squash blocks? This is just a sample of the type of information you'll find in one or more of the 20 Builder Tips available from APA's Publication Library. We also have eight Builder Tips available in Spanish. Click here to review the topics and download or order a copy today.

Last Call to Register for the Carbon Challenge!

Carbon Challenge

Registration for the residential design competition in Baltimore and Providence

 closes this Friday, February 8. Visit the Carbon Challenge Facebook page for registration information and competition update.


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