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Following is a list of upcoming industry-related events. 


Advanced Framing Techniques: Tools to Meet New Higher Energy Requirements
Led by APA's Bryan Readling, PE, workshop participants will learn how to incorporate advanced framing techniques to meet more stringent energy codes by optimizing material efficiency, increasing whole-wall R-values, and reducing thermal bridging, as well as boost energy, structural, and acoustic performance in walls using 2X6 studs 24" oc, along with energy-efficient corners, tees, and headers.

High-Performance Walls for Energy Efficiency & Disaster Resilience
Builders and designers today are challenged to create homes that meet stringent energy codes and can stand up to Mother Nature’s worst — all while remaining competitive and cost-effective in the marketplace. This seminar offers key strategies and tools for high-performance walls that are energy efficient, structurally sound, durable, and cost effective. Topics include:

  • Advanced Framing
    Learn simple techniques to increase whole-wall R-values, reduce thermal bridging, and optimize building materials, resulting in energy and cost
  • Energy-Efficient Wood Walls
    Learn how to design and build energy-efficient wood wall assemblies, comply with codes, and communicate with the project team and building officials
  • Disaster Resilience and Durability
    Learn disaster-resistant construction concepts, how to prevent water intrusion, and how to meet the IRC’s wall-bracing provisions

WoodWorks Seminars & Events

WoodWorks provides free technical support as well as education and resources related to the design of non-residential and multi-family wood buildings. The following upcoming seminars, tradeshows and other live events are provided by WoodWorks. For complete event information, visit WoodWorks.org.

WoodWorks Seminar: Multi-Story Wood-Frame Structures: How to Build Bigger and Taller

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