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Free Carbon Calculator Estimates the Benefits of Wood Buildings

Wood products continue to store carbon absorbed by the trees while growing, keeping it out of the atmosphere indefinitely. Using wood in place of fossil fuel-intensive materials such as steel and concrete also greenhouse gases that would have been emitted during manufacturing.

The WoodWorks Carbon Calculator makes it possible to quantify these benefits for wood buildings. The Calculator estimates the amount of carbon stored in a building's wood products and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by eliminating steel and concrete.  Start Carbon Calculator.   

View all WoodWorks Online Calculators.

Environmental Product Declarations

The American Wood Council (AWC) and Canadian Wood Council (CWC) have published six new environmental product declarations (EPDs) for laminated veneer lumber and wood I-joists, softwood lumber, softwood plywood, oriented strand board, and glued laminated timber. EPDs are standardized tools that provide information about the environmental footprint of the products they cover. The EPDs provide building teams with science-based information on environmental impacts and facilitate more informed building material choices.

The EPDs and accompanying transparency briefs are posted at: http://www.awc.org/greenbuilding/epd.html

Free EcoCalculator Provides Instant LCA Results

Free ATHENA EcoCalculator SoftwareThe ATHENA® EcoCalculator is a free software tool that provides instant LCA (life cycle assessment) results for hundreds of common building assemblies.

Designers use the EcoCalculator for a quick snapshot of building footprint. This simple tool is equipped with pre-defined building assemblies that have already been assessed by the Athena team through the Athena Impact Estimator. For projects that fit with the EcoCalculator’s built-in library of assemblies, this tool gives designers the power of the Impact Estimator in less time.

The EcoCalculator is available in a residential version (originally developed to support APA's Carbon Challenge) and a commercial version. It is customized for various North American regions. The commercial version is additionally customized for high-rise and low-rise.

Download the free ATHENA EcoCalculator.

Environmental Publication

Wood: Sustainable Building Solutions, Form F305

APA's environmental brochure, Wood: Sustainable Building Solutions (Form F305), describes the environmental benefits of engineered wood products, compares wood to other structural products, and explains scientific research that demonstrates wood's green building merits.

This brochure is available as a free PDF download at www.apawood.org/publications.

Environmental Posters

APA offers a set of four educational posters that demonstrate why wood is a great green building product. The posters, Wood: Nature's Air Purifier (Form E250), Wood: More Product, Less Energy (Form E255), Wood: Better Mileage on the Green Highway (Form E260), and Wood: Demand Keeps It Growing (Form E265), offer different informative facts about the environmentally friendly nature of wood. Each 18 x 27 poster can be purchased individually for $3 or the set of four can be purchased for $10 at the poster section of apawood.org. Previews of the poster content are also available.


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