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APA offers multiple resources for news and information about engineered wood products and applications. Click on any link below for additional information.

  • Backgrounders
    Background information on APA and engineered wood products for writers and editors.
  • Engineered Wood Journal
    The official publication of APA/EWTA (Engineered Wood Technology Association).
  • Industry News Releases
    APA news releases regarding APA members and issues pertaining to the engineered wood industry.
  • Latest News
    Top stories from APA.
  • Performance Panels News
    Industrial (non-construction) applications of engineered wood panels.
  • Product News Releases
    APA news releases pertaining to engineered wood products and their applications.
  • Publicity
    APA research, products and applications appearing in news and literature.
  • Raised Floor News
    Updates on the campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of raised wood floor construction. 
  • Regulatory Updates
    News regrading regulatory information pertitnent to the engineered wood industry.
  • Wall Bracing News
    News and information about wall bracing and related code requirements.

About APA

For more than seventy years, APA - The Engineered Wood Association has focused on helping the industry create structural wood products of exceptional strength, versatility and reliability. Combining the research efforts of scientists at APA’s 42,000-square-foot Research Center with the knowledge gained from decades of field work, and cooperation with our member manufacturers, APA promotes new solutions and improved processes that benefit the entire industry. For more information:

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