APA - The Engineered Wood Association

Mill Names and Numbers

Note: Missing numbers are unassigned.

11 Olympic Panel Products LLC - Shelton, WA Plywood,
JAS Certified
78 Pacific Wood Laminates, Inc. - Brookings, OR Plywood
79 Hardel Mutual Plywood Corp. - Chehalis, WA Plywood,
JAS Certified
146 S.D.S./Bingen Plywood - Bingen, WA Plywood,
JAS Certified
173 Rosboro - Springfield, OR Plywood,
JAS Certified
215 Potlatch Corp. - St. Maries, ID Plywood,
JAS Certified
217 Plum Creek - Columbia Falls, MT Plywood
219 Boise Cascade LLC - Oakdale, LA Plywood
221 Boise Cascade LLC - Florien, LA Plywood
223 Scotch Plywood Company, Inc.- Fulton, AL Plywood
230 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Emporia, VA Plywood
282 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Taylorsville, MS Plywood
324 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Warm Springs, GA Plywood
329 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Prosperity, SC Plywood
347 Plum Creek - Evergreen Division - Kalispell, MT Plywood
348 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Dudley, NC Plywood and OSB
351 Coastal Plywood Co. - Havana, FL Plywood
357 LP - Hayward, WI OSB
367 Roseburg Forest Products-#6 - Coquille, OR Plywood,
JAS Certified
368 LP - Houlton, ME OSB
369 Hood Industries - Beaumont, MS Plywood
377 Hood Industries - Wiggins, MS Plywood
399 LP - Two Harbors, MN OSB
402 Louisiana-Pacific Canada, Ltd. - Dawson Creek, BC Canada OSB
404 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Madison, GA Plywood
407 LP - Sagola, MI OSB
416 LP - Newberry, MI OSB
424 Norbord Industries, Inc. - LaSarre, QC Canada OSB
428 Eagle Plywood Specialties - Harrisburg, OR Plywood
430 Murphy Plywood - Rogue River, OR Plywood,
JAS Certified
433 Swanson Group Mfg. LLC, Glendale Plywood & Veneer - Glendale, OR Plywood,
JAS Certified
435 LP- Tomahawk, WI OSB
442 LP - Hanceville, AL OSB
445 Ainsworth Lumber Co. - 100 Mile House, BC Canada OSB,
JAS Certified
451 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Brookneal, VA OSB
454 Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP - Grande Prairie, AB Canada OSB,
JAS Certified
456 LP - Roxboro, NC OSB
457 Louisiana-Pacific Canada, Ltd. - Swan Valley, MB Canada OSB
459 LP - Jasper, TX OSB
463 LP - Carthage, TX OSB
467 Savona Specialty Plywood Company Ltd., Savona BC, Canada Plywood, 
JAS Certified
473 Martco Limited Partnership - A Division of Roy O. Martin Lumber LLC - Chopin, LA Plywood
475 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Fordyce, AR OSB
477 Louisiana-Pacific Canada, Ltd. - Maniwaki, QC Canada OSB
480 Roseburg Forest Products Company - #2 - Dillard, OR Plywood
482 Roseburg Forest Products Company - #4 - Riddle, OR Plywood
485 LP- Panguipulli, Chile OSB
487 Warmboard, Inc., Aptos, CA Remanufacturer
492 Meadow Lake OSB Limited Partnership, Meadow Lake, SK (Canada) OSB, 
JAS Certified
496 Timber Products Grants Pass New, LLC - Grants Pass, OR Plywood, 
JAS Certified
498 Ainsworth Engineered Corp. - Barwick, ON Canada OSB
500 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Hosford, FL OSB
501 Norbord Georgia Inc. - Cordele, GA OSB
502 Norbord Mississippi Inc. - Guntown, MS OSB
504 Norbord Texas L.P. - Jefferson, TX OSB
505 Norbord South Carolina Inc. (Joanna) - Kinards, SC OSB
506 Norbord Texas L.P. - Nacogdoches, TX OSB
507 Norbord Minnesota Inc. (Bemidji) - Solway, MN OSB
509 Timber Products Company – Medford, OR Plywood
510 LP Peace Valley OSB - Fort St. John, BC Canada OSB, 
JAS Certified
511 Martco Limited Partnership - A Division of Roy O. Martin Lumber LLC - Oakdale, LA OSB
512 Natron Wood Products - Jasper, OR Plywood
514 Tolko Industries Ltd. - Athabasca - Slave Lake, AB OSB
515 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Camden, TX Plywood
516 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Corrigan, TX Plywood
517 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Gurdon, AR Plywood
519 Swanson Group Mfg. LLC, Springfield Plywood & Veneer - Springfield, OR Plywood, 
JAS Certified
520 LP Clarke County - Thomasville, AL OSB
524 LP - Lautaro, Chile OSB
525 LP Brazil - Ponta Grossa-Parana, Brazil OSB
526 Boise Cascade LLC - Medford, OR Plywood
527 Coastal Forest Products LLC - Chapman, AL Plywood
528 Boise Cascade LLC - Elgin, OR Plywood
529 Boise Cascade LLC - Kettle Falls, WA Plywood
530 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - GP North Woods LP - Englehart, ON, Canada OSB
531 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - GP Alllendale LP - Fairfax, SC OSB
532 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - GP Clarendon LP - Clarendon, SC OSB
533 Weyerhaeuser, Hudson Bay, SK, Canada OSB,
JAS Certified
534 Westlam Industries - Langley, BC, Canada Plywood
535 Weyerhaeuser (Sutton), Heaters, WV OSB
536 Weyerhaeuser, Grayling, MI OSB
537 Weyerhaeuser, Elkin, NC OSB
538 Weyerhaeuser, Edson, AB, Canada OSB
539 Weyerhaeuser (Arcadia), Simsbora, LA OSB
540 Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP - High Level, AB, Canada Plywood
541 Tolko (Armstrong), Armstrong, BC, Canada Plywood,
JAS Certified
542 Tolko (Heffley Creek), Kamloops, BC, Canada Plywood,
JAS Certified


Mill # Company Product(s)
1001 Rosboro - Springfield, OR Glulam,
JAS Certified
1006 American Laminators, Inc. - Swisshome, OR Glulam
1007 Western Structures, Inc. - Eugene, OR Glulam,
JAS Certified
1010 Calvert Co., Inc. - Vancouver, WA Glulam
1012 The G.R. Plume Co., Ferndale, WA Glulam
1016 Western Archrib - Boissevain, MB Canada Glulam
1017 Western Archrib - Edmonton, AB Canada Glulam,
JAS Certified
1020 Goodlam - Division of Goodfellow, Inc. - Louiseville, QC Canada Glulam
1027 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Roxboro, NC I-joist
1033 International Beams Inc. - Pohenegamook, QC Canada I-joist
1035 Calvert Co., Inc. - Washougal, WA Glulam,
JAS Certified
1039 Stark Truss Co., Inc. - Canton, OH I-joist
1040 Structurlam Products LP - Okanagan Falls, BC Canada
Structurlam Products LP - Penticton, BC Canada
JAS Certified
1047 Pacific Woodtech Corp. - Burlington, WA Laminated Veneer Lumber,
JAS Certified
1048 Pacific Woodtech Corp. - Burlington, WA I-joist
1049 Shelton Lam and Deck - Chehalis, WA Laminated Decking
1050 West Fraser LVL - A Sub. of West Fraser Mills Ltd. - Rocky Mountain House, AB Canada Laminated Veneer Lumber
1052 Nordic Engineered Wood - Chibougamou, QC Canada I-joist
1053 Roseburg Forest Products - Roseburg, OR I-joist
1054 Duco Lam - Drain, OR Fiberglass Reinforced Glulam
1055 Roseburg Forest Products - Roseburg, OR Laminated Veneer Lumber
1057 Nordic Engineered Wood - Chibougamou, QC Canada Glulam
1058 Anthony Eacom, Inc. - Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada I-joist
1061 Riddle Laminators - Riddle, OR Glulam,
JAS Certified
1062 Stark Truss Co., Inc. - Canton, OH Glulam
1065 Brisco Manufacturing Ltd. - Brisco, BC Canada Remanufacturer
1066 Louisiana-Pacific Canada, Ltd. - Golden, BC Canada Laminated Veneer Lumber
1068 Abitibi-LP Engineered Wood - Larouche, QC Canada I-joist
1069 LP - Red Bluff, CA I-joist
1071 LP - Wilmington, NC Laminated Veneer Lumber
1073 Structurlam Products LP, Plant No. 2 -
Penticton, BC Canada
1074 Mississippi Laminators, Inc. - Shubuta, MS Glulam
1077 Abitibi - LP Engineered Wood - Saint-Prime, QC Canada I-joist
1078 Rosboro - Veneta (Vaughn), OR Glulam,
JAS Certified
1079 Anthony Forest Products Co. - Arkansas Laminating El Dorado, AR Glulam
1080 Anthony Forest Products Co. - Georgia Laminating Washington, GA Glulam
1084 Arizona Structural Laminators, LLC. - Eagar, AZ Glulam
1086 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Thorsby, AL Laminated Veneer Lumber
1089 Murphy Company - Sutherlin, OR Laminated Veneer Lumber,
JAS Certified
1090 Gruen-Wald Engineered Laminates, Inc. - Tea, SD Glulam
1092 LP - Houlton, ME Laminated Strand Lumber
1094 Tolko Industries Ltd. - Slave Lake, AB Canada Structural Composite Lumber
1096 Jager Engineered Wood Products Ltd. - Calgary, AB Canada I-joist
1099 Global LVL Inc. - Ville-Marie, QC Canada Laminated Veneer Lumber
1101 TECOLAM Inc. - Val-d'Or, QC Canada Glulam
1102 QB Corporation - Salmon, ID Glulam
1104 Art Massif Structure De Bois Inc. Glulam
1105 Boise Cascade, LLC (Alexandria), Lena, LA I-Joist
1106 Boise Cascade, LLC (Alexandria), Lena, LA SCL
1107 Boise Cascade, LLC, Homedale, ID Gllulam
1108 Boise Cascade, LLC, St. Jacques, NB, Canada I-Joist
1109 Boise Cascade, LLC, White City, OR I-Joist
1110 Boise Cascade, LLC, White City, OR SCL
1111 FraserWood Industries, Ltd., Squamish, BC, Canada Glulam
1112 Nordic Engineered Wood, Chibougamau, QC, Canada CLT
1113 Pinkwood Ltd, Calgary, AB, Canada I-Joist
1114 International Beams, Inc., Tillsonburg, ON, Canada I-Joist

Member Mills

APA members are comprised of well-known industry leaders, whose mills produce the majority of the structural wood panel products manufactured in North America, plus a host of other products, including glulam, wood I-joists, Rim Board and laminated veneer lumber.

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