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APA Website Search Tips

The search feature allows you to search apawood.org, the APA Publications Library, and the network of APA websites for specific content based on keywords. Enter keyword(s) in the SEARCH BOX in the upper-right corner of the web page, then click the GO button.

Refining your search

  • If the search results are inconclusive, try simplifying your search. For example, search for plywood instead of 3/4" plywood. If the search results are too broad, trying narrowing your topic.
  • Words separated by spaces will be searched for individually, not together. For example, enter wall bracing and the website will search for wall OR bracing. 
  • Use double quotes around multi-word terms to search for an exact term: "wall bracing". 
  • Use AND, OR and NOT to search for multiple words or exclude words: wall AND bracing, or wall NOT bracing

Using the Search Category Box

To focus your search on a specific category, click on the arrow in the CATEGORY BOX to the left of the SEARCH BOX (as illustrated in the graphic above) and select a specific search category. The default search category is ALL APA Sites, but other options include:

  • Publications Search: Search is limited to the title, form number and text for each brochure. The search does not include the content of the PDF file.
  • Member Directory: Search for APA Member Mill information and the products they produce.
  • Products: Search is focused on the product section and includes links to product-related publications.
  • Applications: Search is targeted on the Application section and includes links to application-related publications.
  • News & Events: Search results provide links to a variety of news releases related to the supplied keyword.
  • CAD Details: Searches the free CAD details for wood-frame construction available at APACAD.org.

Learn More About APA Member Products

Get the latest information on APA member products, locate a member manufacturer near you, and download publications from the products section of apawood.org.

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