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Code Plus Builders and Remodelers

APA would like to thank Code Plus builders and remodelers for their support and participation in the program. Introduced in 1989, the Code Plus program was designed to help builders and remodelers market quality construction that was a step above the minimum code requirements for floors, walls, and roofs.

Quality construction still is, and always will be, important to APA. Recent concerns about moisture and mold, however, are prompting APA to shift its educational efforts to quality construction methods that prevent moisture intrusion in the building envelope. Through the new Build a Better Home program, APA is providing builders with construction recommendations designed to prevent moisture and the resulting mold from collecting in homes. The battle against moisture and mold starts with good construction and proper detailing. By stopping moisture before it becomes a problem, builders can avoid many time-consuming callbacks and remediation actions.

With this shift to the Build a Better Home practices, APA is discontinuing the Code Plus program. If you would like more information on the Build a Better Home program, click here.

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