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Album Name Description

APA Annual Meeting

Features General Session, MAC meeting, Info Fair, speakers and guest speakers

Carbon Challenge

Carbon Challenge Residential Design Competitions

DFPA/APA History

Features historical people, events and manufacturing practices

Industrial Applications

Featuring a variety of uses for non-construction engineered wood products


Features logos for APA and APA programs

Nonresidential Construction

Features product applications for commercial construction


Features studio shots of APA products

Raised Wood Floors

Features photos from Raised Wood Floor case studies
Raised Wood Floor Foundation Systems
Collier Construction
New Citi Homes
Murray Engineering
Bay Homes
Cooper Homes
Jeffrey Harrington Homes
Environment Associates / LACON Homes
Thermal Shell Homes / Eco-Holdings Engineering
NEFBA President Project

Residential Construction

Features product applications for residential construction

Wind and Seismic Damage

Documentation of damages as a result of hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes

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