APA Product Reports®

APA Product Reports® help building officials and design professionals determine a product's conformance with codes and national, international or industry recognized standards. APA issues these reports to document the compliance of an engineered wood product that is manufactured under a quality program audited by APA. APA Product Reports signify the product's compliance with the relevant provisions in the model building codes.

APA Product Reports are assigned based on product classes, as shown below:

  • L-Series: Products manufactured from lumber, veneer or other wood base for use as lumber or timber substitutes, such as glulam, I-joists, and structural composite lumber (SCL).
  • N-Series: Products manufactured from non-veneer (mat-formed) substrates, such as oriented strand board (OSB).
  • V-Series: Products manufactured from all veneers, such as plywood.
  • C-Series: Products manufactured from composite substrates, such as hardboards, mixed with at least a veneer lamina.
  • E-Series: Products of any of the above types that have environmental attributes qualified through testing and periodic monitoring.
  • S-Series: Products of any of the above types that are parts of engineered wood systems qualified through testing or engineering analysis.
  • ESR-Series: Products of Series L, N, V, and C that have been evaluated and approved by both International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) and APA.


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Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP
Anthony Eacom Inc.
Anthony Forest Products Company
Arizona Structural Laminators, LLC
Boise Cascade Company
Calvert Company, Incorporated
Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC
Global LVL Inc.
International Beams / Lebcorp Ltd.
Mississippi Laminators, Incorporated
Murphy Company
Nordic Engineered Wood
Pacific Woodtech Corporation
Pinkwood Ltd.
QB Corporation
Roseburg Forest Products Company
Sound Wood Products, Inc
Structurlam Products Ltd.
Tolko Industries Ltd.
Warmboard, Inc.
Western Structures, LLC


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Product Report PR-S274, NI I-joist Fire-rated Assemblies

Nordic Joist Series I-joist, NI-20, 40, 40x, 60, 70, 80x, 90, 90x, Nordic Engineered Wood, Available as downloadable PDF only. Issued September 8, 2014.

PR-S261, Fire-Rated Assemblies, Anthony ECOM, Inc.

Product Report S-261: Power Joist® I-joists covered in this report are made wlith lumber flanges and OSB webs. Ben Herzog, Author. 18 pages.

ESR-1301, LP SmartSide® Precision Lap and Panel Siding, LP Corp.

ESR-1301 is an ICC-ES and APA Joint Evaluation Report for LP Smartside® Precision Lap Siding and LP Smartside® Precision Panel Siding, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. Posted August 22, 2014. (APA ESR-1301 LP SmartSide - 5 pages)

APA Product Report PR-S315, Fire-Rated Assemblies, PinkWood Ltd.

PKI 20 and PKI 40 Series I-joists, PinkWood Ltd., 5929 6rh St. NE, Calgary, AB, Canada T2K 5R5, Plant number 1113. Only available as downloadable PDF. Issued September 29, 2014.

Murphy Laminated Veneer Lumber, Murphy Engineered Wood Division
Murphy Laminated Veneer Lumber, Murphy Engineered Wood Division. Revised January 24, 2014.
GP LAM® Laminated Veneer Lumber, Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC

GP LAM® Laminated Veneer Lumber, Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC. Revised March 1, 2014.

Structurlam CrossLam, Structurlam Products LP, Canadian Edition

Structurlam CrossLam Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Structurlam Products LP, 2176 Government Streeet, Penticton, BC, Canada V2A 8B5, 250-492-8912.Issued February 20, 2014

APA Performance-Rated PRI-405, Commercial I-Joists

Complete title: APA Performance-Rated PRI-405, Commercial I-Joists. Prefabricated wood I-joists used for nonresidential floor & roof construction. Revised February 13, 2014.

AJS® Series I-Joists, Boise Cascade Wood Products L.L.C.

AJS® Series 110 and 190 All Joist® I-joists, Boise Cascade Company, 70 rue industrielle, St. Jacques, NB, E7B 1T1 Revised August 4, 2014

Roseburg RFPI® Series I-Joists, Roseburg Forest Products Company

Roseburg RFPI® Products: RFPI-20, 40S, 400, 40, 60S, 70, 90, 700 and 900 Series I-Joists; Roseburg Forest Products Company. Revised May 21, 2014.

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