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Conferences and Tradeshows

Wood Solutions Fair

Wood Solutions Fairs are multi-faceted, day-long educational events on the use of wood in non-residential and multi-family buildings.

PwC's 28th Annual Global Forest & Paper Industry Conference

May 6, 2015—Vancouver, British Columbia
PwC’s conference is part of the Global Forest Products Leadership Summit 2015, a five day series of conferences focused on global pulp, paper, wood products and fibre-based packaging industries.

NAWLA Traders Market 2015

November 4–6, 2015—Dallas, Texas
Traders Market is a materials tradeshow focused almost exclusively on the supply chain. Unlike other shows, the exhibitors are mainly manufacturers of lumber and lumber-related products rather than machinery and equipment.


NAWLA Regional Meetings

NAWLA, the North American Wholesale Lumber Association, invites you to join your fellow industry colleagues for an excellent chance to network and see what's new. Members and Non-members alike are welcome to attend.


The Long and Short of Wood Roof Systems

March 10, San Diego, CA
March 10, Washington, DC
March 11, Baltimore, MD
March 12, Philadelphia, PA
March 20, Boston, MA
March 24, Tampa, FL

The seminar will provide an overview of the many framing systems commonly used in buildings in the United States for a variety of span lengths. The presentation will review the possible wood structural framing systems including rafters, metal plated wood trusses, engineered wood products, and hybrid roof systems. Also covered will be how these components can be combined to create efficient and versatile roof framing systems. Eligible attendees will qualify for two AIA HSW credits.

Mid-Atlantic Lunch Seminar Series (WoodWorks)

April 7, 2015—Del Frisco's, Washington, DC
April 8, 2015—Ruth's Chris, Baltimore, MD
April 9, 2015—Del Frisco's, Philadelphia, PA
Check in: 9:00 am, Workshop: 9:30-12:45 (includes lunch)

Is Wood a Sustainable Construction Material Choice?

This course will examine how the use of wood as a structural material in buildings contributes to their environmental performance. Attendees will learn how to quantify the sustainability of their building designs through life cycle assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Discussion will include the impact of wood on a building’s carbon footprint, and the effects of timber harvesting practices on North American forests over the past 100 years. Wood-based framing systems and details will be presented to demonstrate material and energy-efficient options available, including alternate systems and techniques such as cross laminated timber (CLT) and above-code performing walls.

Practical and Inspirational: Exposing the Potential of Heavy Timber Construction

Offering a mix of both the practical and inspirational, this presentation focuses on the use of heavy timber in applications such as offices and schools, as well as civic, industrial, mid-rise/multi-residential and other building types. Included will be a review of non-structural provisions in the International Building Code and a discussion of structural component and connection methods available. Example projects ranging from typical to unique will be used to illustrate the range of modern timber design solutions available and their ability to provide unlimited aesthetic opportunities for almost any building type.

WoodWorks is an approved AIA provider. Eligible attendees will qualify for two HSW credits. Engineers and non-member architects will receive a certificate of completion for their participation. Professional Development Certificates and AIA CES forms will be available on site.

Advanced Diaphragm Analysis—A Technical Presentation of Complex Diaphragms (WoodWorks)

April 22, 2015—Sullivan's, Houston, TX
April 23, 2015—Maggiano's, Austin, TX
Check in: 9:30 am, Workshop: 10:00-2:15 (includes lunch)

The structural configurations of many modern buildings require complex lateral load paths that incorporate diaphragms at different elevations, multiple re-entrant corners, multiple irregularities and fewer vertical lateral force-resisting elements. It is important to address these design issues and irregularities to ensure complete load paths throughout the structure. This workshop provides discussions on how to analyze offset diaphragms, in-plane and out-of-plane offset shear walls, and diaphragms with large openings. Code sections and irregularities associated with these types of lateral-resisting elements will be discussed.

Attendees will qualify for 3 AIA/CES LUs (HSW) or PDH credits. Engineers and non-member architects will receive a certificate of completion for their participation. Professional Development Certificates and AIA CES forms will be available on site.

Symposiums and Summits

NAWLA 2015 Leadership Summit

March 22–24, 2015—Scottsdale, Arizona
The North American Wholesale Lumber Association's two-day summit is designed to address business challenges, including freight transportation, business marketing, and much more: trends, best practices and insights from industry leaders to help grow revenue, reduce costs and improve performance.


Fire Protective Assemblies for Wood I-Joist Floors

March 10, 8:00 am PDT
This exclusive APA webinar will focus on the options for fire protective membrane requirements of the International Residential Code (IRC), specifically as they relate to I-joist floor systems. The webinar will review options including:

  • Gypsum board ceiling membranes
  • Gypsum board applied directly to I-joist flanges and webs
  • Ceramic fiber blanket
  • Mineral wool insulation
  • Fire protective coatings

Also included will be a listing of resources and reference information from APA and others on this important topic.

Sales and technical support personnel at I-joist distributors are strongly encouraged to attend.

Prefabrication—Discoveries in Off-Site Construction Techniques (WoodWorks)

March 11, 2015—12 pm CDT

Off-site construction techniques, including both light-frame and solid wood solutions, are continually evolving—with prefabrication at the forefront of the trend. Popular in countries such as Sweden, Germany, Scotland and Canada, these techniques are also gaining interest in the U.S., where designers, contractors and owners in the traditional construction sector are seeking to understand the options available to them.

1 AIA/CES LUs (HSW) or PDH credit available for participants.

Lumber Specifications in a Changing Market (WoodWorks)

April 8, 2015—1 pm Eastern

Writing lumber specifications which meet structural and aesthetic design requirements can be challenging under the best market conditions. New market realities and changing client priorities have left many designers and suppliers rethinking traditional approaches to wood design specifications. This presentation will cover relevant industry standards and specification issues, which can arise with material substitutions. Product availability at both the local and national level and its impact on design considerations will be discussed in depth.

Eligible attendees may earn 1 AIA/CES LUs (HSW) or PDH credits. WoodWorks is an approved AIA provider.