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Wood Solutions Fair

Wood Solutions Fairs are multi-faceted, day-long educational events on the use of wood in non-residential and multi-family buildings.

Timber Processing and Energy Expo

The 2014 Timber Processing and Energy Expo will be held October 15–17, 2014, at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center in Portland, Oregon. The event features new machinery, products, and technologies from the industry's leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as a "Workshop Day" featuring seminars on technologies in sawmills, panel mills, wood energy plants, and more.

Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

New Orleans, LA — October 22–24

Greenbuild, "the premier event for sustainable building," features three days of speakers, showcases, LEED workshops, tours of green buildings in New Orleans, and more.

National Symposium: Toward Taller Wood Buildings

Chicago, IL — November 6–7, 2014

Tall wood buildings have captured the imagination of architects and engineers who see them as an opportunity to reduce costs and lessen the carbon footprint of the built environment, while meeting standards for life safety and structural performance equivalent to those required for any construction type. Many designers are maximizing heights and areas allowed in the International Building Code (IBC), developing structures with five stories or more of light wood-frame or heavy timber construction.


Top Ten Framing Mistakes—and How to Solve Them

Wednesday, November 19, 2014—Fairfax, Virginia

Presented by APA Engineered Wood Specialist Mary Uher, this free, fast-paced seminar explores some of the most common framing difficulties designers and builders face along with simple steps, strategies, and systems to overcome them. Topics include avoiding noisy floors, making room for mechanicals, preventing wall buckling, moisture control, insulating cold spots, and more. The event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fairfax from 7:30 - 10 a.m. on Wednesday, November 19 and includes breakfast. Download the brochure or register for the seminar.

The Long and Short of Wood Roof Systems (WoodWorks)

This course is an overview of the many framing systems commonly used in buildings in the United States for a variety of span lengths. The presentation will review the possible wood structural framing systems including rafters, metal plated wood trusses, engineered wood products and hybrid roof systems. Also covered will be how these components can be combined to create efficient and versatile roof framing systems. All of these concepts will be reinforced through the presentation of real example projects with details on the framing system used to achieve the project goals. Cost is $20; participants may earn 2 CEUs through AIA.


Wall Bracing Webinar Series

APA and AIBD (American Institute of Building Design) are teaming to present a free five-part webinar series on wall bracing. The series began June 26, 2014, with a one-hour introductory session covering wall bracing history, theory and strategy. Additional sessions will be held monthly through October and will address related topics, including meeting code requirements with wall bracing, the simplified wall bracing method, and bracing for higher seismic and wind zones.

Series presenters will include Bob Clark, Roger Roatch and Bryan Readling, APA Engineered Wood Specialists with a combined 63 years’ experience providing engineered wood product building and design support and recommendations. APA has collaborated with code bodies since the 1950’s to improve wall performance and reduce the risk of catastrophic home failure through the development of prescriptive wall bracing techniques that specify plywood and OSB wood structural panel sheathing.

The series is hosted by AIBD; AIBD members will be eligible to earn continuing education units by attending the webinars. Participation is free but advanced registration is required for each program: click on the following webinar titles for more information and registration:

Wall Bracing I: Why wall bracing and wall bracing strategy
This webinar was broadcast live on June 26, 2014. A recording of the program is now available to view. Note that at this time, AIBD continuing education credits are not offered for viewing pre-recorded programs.
Prescriptive wall bracing is a method of handling the lateral forces that act on a house. Applying wall bracing correctly per the IRC requires knowledge of the system and a strategy for identifying and meeting the various options available within the code. This webinar also covers the history of wall bracing and how loads are handled through braced wall lines and braced wall panels.

Wall Bracing II: Meeting the code through prescriptive wall bracing
This webinar was broadcast live on July 22, 2014. A recording of the program is now available to view. Note that at this time, AIBD continuing education credits are not offered for viewing pre-recorded programs.
With sixteen different types of braced walls included in the IRC, as well as various tables, exceptions, alternates, and connection requirements, meeting the IRC bracing requirements appears to be a very complex task for homebuilders and designers. This webinar will break down the general wall bracing requirements and show how to use the tables within the IRC to determine if braced wall lines meet those requirements.

Wall Bracing III: Simplified wall bracing and what to provide the building official
This webinar was broadcast live on August 21, 2014. A recording of the program is now available to view. Note that at this time, AIBD continuing education credits are not offered for viewing pre-recorded programs.
Due to the many complex options in the wall bracing section of the code, the IRC has created a “simplified method” for wall bracing. This webinar will focus on the IRC’s simplified method, as well as an alternate simplified method developed by APA. The new APA Wall Bracing Calculator, an online tool for showing IRC bracing compliance that provides a compliance report to builders and building officials, will also be demonstrated.

Wall Bracing IV: Seismic-related provisions and tips to meeting them
September 18, 2014, 3 PM–4 PM EDT
Many of the bracing provisions in the IRC are intended for regions in higher seismic zones (above seismic category C). This webinar will focus on the options for meeting bracing requirements in higher seismic zones, including the “irregularity” rules in chapter 3 of the IRC.

Wall Bracing V: Building wood framed structures for high wind resistance
October 16, 2014, 3 PM–4 PM EDT
Prescriptive wall bracing is limited to homes in regions with wind speeds less than 110 mph. This webinar will provide a top to bottom overview of wind-resistant construction methods for wood frame structures located in higher wind zones. Topics of discussion include lessons learned from natural disasters, structural load-path continuity, and recent evolution in shear wall and uplift-resistant design.

WoodWorks Webinar: Understanding the Design Requirements for 5-Story Wood-Framed Mid-Rise Construction

October 22, 2014
This course will try to unravel the mystery of how to design 5-story wood frame residential buildings and 6-story mixed-use projects. It will discuss the Building Code requirements, along with its height and area limitations. The course will also discuss some of the technical challenges of building tall wood frame buildings, including designing for wind and seismic forces; how to control shrinkage; and enhanced fire protection requirements.