Compelling Conversations

The Compelling Conversations initiative from APA’s Designers Circle features thought-leading architects talking with an APA expert about real issues they face when working with engineered wood in commercial applications.

Compelling Conversations: East and West Coast Regional Challenges

APA’s Karyn Beebe compares notes with sustainability-minded designers Ben Kasdan and Blake Jackson on East and West coast approaches to designing with wood, and how innovative design that incorporates sustainability and resilience can influence—and change—the minds of developers. GO >

Compelling Conversations: Expressive Design

Structural engineer Chris O’Hara and APA's Karyn Beebe delve into how engineered wood products lend themselves to expressive design—and what’s blocking today’s designers from fully embracing this aesthetic. GO >

Compelling Conversations: Coastal Environments

Architect Greg Mella and APA’s Karyn Beebe have a frank and far-reaching discussion about the tangibles and intangibles of using wood and the environmental benefits of innovation—from the habitat impact of materials, net positive energy, wood products in corrosive environments, and beyond. GO >