Post-Frame Construction

Post-frame construction used in agricultural applicationPost-frame buildings are sometimes called post-and-beam buildings. The design concept is simple and offers flexibility, which makes it popular among architects, engineers, and building designers. The features of post-frame design include heavy posts, supporting columns or posts, and roof trusses. Depending on the spacing of the posts and trusses, wall girts and roof purlins may be required to attach and support wall and roof sheathing.

Post-Frame Construction in Agricultural Applications

Post-frame construction is a good choice in agricultural buildings such as hog and chicken housing, dairy barns, and equestrian facilities. Because posts are spaced four or more feet apart, the wide openings allow for easy creation of stalls, wash racks, or holding areas.

Post-Frame Construction in Commercial Applications

Post-frame construction is ideal for warehouses, churches, auto repair shops, fire stations, bus companies, and other commercial structures that require open spaces.

National Frame Building Association (NFBA)

For more information on post frame building, visit the National Frame Building Association (NFBA) website.