All-Wood Podiums in Mid-Rise Construction

APA’s All-wood Podiums in Mid-rise Construction Webinar, presented by Karyn Beebe, APA Engineered Wood Specialist, provides an architectural case study on the use of an all-wood podium in mixed-use design.

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Mid-rise podium construction, up to four stories of wood framing on top of a concrete first story, has been widely used throughout North America for many years in order to build an economically superior superstructure atop a more traditional commercial construction type below. With the introduction of substituting a wood podium for concrete into this construction type, the overall construction cost has further decreased as well as the construction time, while creating a more sustainable, less massive, and more uniform building. This presentation provides a solution to building a green and cost effective structure using a wood podium as well as addresses design challenges such as durability, fire protection, sound transmission and designing for high seismic loads. Several recently construction buildings in California will be analyzed with lessons learned shared by the project teams.

To learn more about the techniques and requirements of all-wood podium design, download All-wood Podiums in Mid-rise Construction, Form N110.