Moisture-Resistant Roof Construction

A home's roof provides the first line of defense against the greatest source of unwanted moisture in and around a building: rain. Both the overall design of the roof and the finishing materials are important factors in designing a building to withstand moisture penetration.

Construction Guide

Build a Better Home: RoofsBuild a Better Home: Moisture-Resistant Roof Construction

  • ‣ Low-slope and pitched roofs
  • ‣ Roof sheathing and underlayment
  • ‣ Roof intersections
  • ‣ Flashing details
  • ‣ Ventilation
  • ‣ Ice dams

CAD Details

Download CAD details in PDF, DXF, DWG and DWF formats.

Video Series

These video segments are excerpted from the Build A Better Home: Moisture Control in Residential Construction video produced by APA. Always refer to current APA literature and consult your local jurisdiction or design professional to assure proper compliance with code, construction and performance requirements. Click thumbnail below to view video.