Construction Basics – Floor Systems

Structural wood panels and engineered wood framing products can be used in a variety of floor systems. Download our top guides at right, or visit our pages on:

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Worker gluing plywood flooring to I-joistI-Joists Provide Consistent, High-Quality Floor Framing System

APA Performance Rated I-Joists are the ideal choice for designers and builders who want to provide their customers with high-quality floor systems. They provide consistent performance for the most demanding residential applications. They are simple to install, allow greater design flexibility because they can span long distances, are dimensionally stable, and are lightweight and easy to handle.

Glulam floor beamGlulam Floor Beams

Glulam beams have superior strength and stiffness and are available in a range of grades and sizes. Framing-grade glulam beams can be used in a wide range of concealed floor framing applications. When the beams are exposed, such as second story floor framing where the glulam is exposed to the floor below, an architectural-grade beam combines the strength of glulam with the warmth and beauty of wood.



Quality Floor Construction: Tips for Constructing a Solid, Squeak-Free Floor



Reduce floor squeaks, buckling and nail-pop with simple construction techniques. Produced by APA - The Engineered Wood Association in 1995. Note: This video may depict some work practices that do not meet current safety standards. Always ensure your work site is compliant with current OSHA regulations. Video length is about 15 minutes.

Pisos de Alta Calidad



Tres pasos para construir los mejores pisos y evitar la insatisfacción de sus clientes y las llamadas de reparación. Producido en 2004 por APA – The Engineered Wood Association. Nota: este video puede representar algunas prácticas de trabajo que no cumplen con las normas de seguridad actuales. Siempre asegúrese de que su sitio de trabajo cumpla con las regulaciones actuales de OSHA. La duración del video es de unos 15 minutos.