Sourcing Glulam Products

Glulam in garage headerEngineered wood products distributors typically carry a full line of glulam and provide prompt shipment to local dealers and contractors.

Glulam is inventoried in widths of 3-1/8", 3-1/2", 5-1/8", 5-1/2", 6-3/4" and 8-3/4". It's available in depths from 6" to 24". Local distributors inventory beams in lengths up to 66 feet.

Stock beams are cut to specified length and delivered with the framing package. In addition to stock beams, the glulam industry can supply virtually any size of shape of glulam member for custom design applications. Custom orders are routinely supplied in two to three weeks from one of the service-oriented APA certified mills. More complicated shapes, such as curved beams and arches, can require considerably longer lead times to manufacture.

Glulam Manufacturers

To learn more about availability of specific glulam products, contact APA's member manufacturers directly.