APA in the Media

Highlights of APA's editorial coverage over the preceding year.


December 2018

Woodworking Network

APA received e-Newsletter coverage of our updated wall bracing calculator in Woodworking Network’s December 4, 2018 edition. Read more.

November 2018

Atlanta Building News

An article about minimizing framing problems, "Silence Squeaky Floors, Wave Goodbye to Uneven Walls with These Building Tips," written by APA's Nick Wortel, appeared in the Winter 2018 edition. Read more.

The Softwood Forest Products Buyer

"A Wood Building at Home on its Site" appeared in the November/December 2018 edition. Read more.

October 2018

The Construction Specifier

"Mass timber saves time, money for office building" was featured in the October 2 and 9 editions of the Construction Specifier Express newsletter. Read more.

July 2018

Merchant Magazine and Building Products Digest

APA contributed a number of pieces to the July issue of Merchant Magazine and Building Products Digest. These articles discussed the 2018 market outlook (p. 29), buried ducts and 2018 energy codes (p. 36), proper roof design (p. 42), and formaldehyde regulations (p. 44). Read more.

May 2018

The Bending Force of Wood in Resilient Design

Wood construction offers a huge advantage in terms of sustainability. With its renewability, low required energy, and low carbon footprint, it’s a naturally attractive material. However, some people are not convinced that wood can add to resiliency features. Read more.

March 2018

Specialty products help dealers and builders solve jobsite, code, and labor challenges

Wood panels and dimension lumber may seem like everyday items in most lumberyards, but thanks to innovations from manufacturers, they're anything but boring. Whether meeting energy codes, saving labor, or resisting moisture, the latest materials give dealers and their builder customers more options than ever to improve the performance of homes while saving time and hassles. Read more.

Straight-Line Wind Damage Analysis

A straight-line wind event took place in Rockwall, Texas, March 29, 2017, producing significant structural damage resulting in four red- and five yellow-tagged homes. The National Weather Service in Fort Worth estimated the storm's wind speed to be 100 to 110 mph. Before demolition of the most impacted home, APA field staff followed through with an opportunity to survey the damage. Read more.

No Noise is Good Noise: All-wood flooring systems reduce more than just sound

Wood is known for its natural ability to improve acoustic performance—to either dampen or expose sound to exacting requirements. In the music industry, wood forms the acoustical body of many instruments, such as pianos, violins, and guitars. Within the building industry, however, wood assemblies act as sound barriers, reducing noise pollution and reverberation. In walls, partitions, and floor-ceiling assemblies, designers and engineers use wood systems to meet acoustical rating requirements. Read more.

February 2018

Better Floor Performance Starts with a Solid Subfloor System

Beautiful hardwood floors are an investment expected to last a lifetime. To ensure the best long-term performance and appearance, careful attention must be given to proper subfloor installation and mitigating moisture risks. Proper installation starts with specifying and installing the right subfloor materials. Read more.

January 2018

Utilizing Force Transfer Around Openings

The lateral force-resisting system tends to be one of the most challenging aspects of the structural design of a building. In today’s wood-framed construction, designers consistently see larger buildings combined with bigger and more numerous window and door openings. This construction trend usually translates into reduced areas for lateral resistance throughout the structure. Read more.