Standards Development

APA has a long and extensive history in building codes and standards development activities. It serves as the secretariat for the standing committees of U.S. Voluntary Product Standard PS 1, Structural Plywood, the consensus softwood plywood standard, and Voluntary Product Standard PS 2, Performance Standard for Wood Structural Panels, the U.S. harmonized performance standard developed under the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement. APA has developed performance standards over the years for numerous products, including plywood siding, wood structural panel sheathing, structural glued laminated timber (glulam), wood I-joists, rim board, and cross-laminated timber. APA issues APA Product Reports designed to help manufacturers expedite market entry of their products.

APA Accreditations

APA is accredited by the following state, national or international organizations:

ANSI logoANSI Standards Development

As a national standards developer accredited by ANSI, APA has published or is in the process of developing the following national consensus standards.

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