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Build A Better Home brochuresSimple Construction Details for Moisture-Resistant Homes

Preventing moisture from getting trapped in the building envelope is key to constructing long-lasting homes that stay dry and comfortable. Most of the construction details that help to keep a home dry are simple to install. Designed to provide builders and homeowners the construction guidelines they need to protect their homes against damaging moisture infiltration, the Build a Better Home program from APA encourages better building practices for the key elements of a residential structure: roofs, walls, and the foundation.

Building on the Heritage of Wood Construction

Throughout the world, properly constructed wood homes have lasted for centuries. Wood has been the building material of choice for residential and light commercial builders because of its strength and durability. However, an increasing number of homes are encountering moisture-related problems. Growing public concern, and a shortage of well-trained construction trade professionals point to the need for an extensive education outreach program to educate builders, design professionals and homeowners on how to properly install and detail engineered wood materials used in residential construction to protect homes against damaging moisture infiltration.

Strength is in the System

Today's value-engineered home features the extensive use of engineered wood—resource-efficient, high-performance building products used in floor, wall and roof construction.

These products—such as plywood, oriented strand board, glued laminated timber, and wood I-joists—improve upon many of the inherent structural advantages of wood while also providing environmental benefits. They use more of the available resource with very little waste, for example, and compare favorably with non-wood products based on such criteria as embodied energy and emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants during manufacture.

Engineered wood products provide outstanding structural performance. However, like all building materials, their performance properties can be compromised by the intrusion of moisture.

APA's Build a Better Home program provides education on proper moisture control techniques in construction applications, including cover groundwork, foundations, floors, walls, and roofs.

Watch the Video

Moisture Control in Residential Construction

This video segment is excerpted from the Build A Better Home: Moisture Control in Residential Construction video produced by APA. You can purchase the complete 25-minute video from the APA Publications Library. Please refer to current APA literature and consult your local jurisdiction or design professional to assure proper compliance with code, construction and performance requirements.