Stock Glulam Resource Kit

Stock glulam beams offer cost-effective performance in a wide range of applications—and because they are cut to length when ordered, there is virtually no waste. Learn more about this framing workhorse:

Glulam and the New Home

Glulam holds strong and spans long: ridge and rafter beams, floor beams, columns, window headers, garage, door headers and portal frames, and more.

Strong, stable, and capable of short and long spans, glulam beams provide designers and builders virtually unlimited design flexibility for single-family to multi-family homes.



Multifamily Projects:
Engineered Wood Helps Builders Meet Booming Demand

With a high strength-to-wind ratio and long span capabilities, glulam meets design challenges in multi-story apartment and condominium projects around the US.

Much of today’s multifamily construction blends familiar structural wood products and construction assemblies with new and updated products that add value and efficiency to the design and build process. Structural frames with engineered wood products offer a lightweight, strong, waste-reducing solution to even the most complex multifamily structural designs.


Common Misconceptions About Glulam Beams

More than just a pretty face, glulam beams are ideal for a range of framing applications.

Glued laminated timber, or glulam, is a highly innovative and versatile construction material engineered for a host of residential and commercial construction applications.



Glulam Beams Offer Simple Solutions for Garage Door Headers

Strong and stable, glulam is highly suitable for creating long, straight two- and three- car openings.

Glulam beams ability to span long distances, their dimensional stability, and cost-competitive value makes them an ideal option for garage door headers, particularly for larger two- and three-car openings. Garage door headers are one of the most popular applications for stock glulam beams in residential framing.


Audrain MuseumCase Study: Audrain Museum

In Newport, Rhode Island, an auto museum in a historic building gets a big boost from glulam floor framing.

The Audrain Building on Newport's celebrated Bellevue Avenue was designed by New York architect Bruce Price in the early 1900's with intricate exterior detailing that exudes an enduring sense of luxury and tradition. Its recent renovation from a worn-around-the-edges modified office building into a car museum and upscale work space affirms its role as gilded historian, with an authentic blend of vintage charm and high-end appeal that has anchored this block of the Newport's National Historic Landmark District for over a century.


Lone Survivor HouseCase Study: Lone Survivor House

Unique retreat for combat veterans in Crystal Beach, Texas.

When the Lone Survivor Foundation set out to design a retreat that honors both the service and the needs of healing soldiers, a pentagon shape provided a fitting nod to the U.S. armed forces most recognized symbol. But the unique design of the two-story Soldier Bunk House also presented a number of challenges for the design and engineering team, hurdles that were furhter complicated by the home's location in Crystal Beach, Texas, where construction on piers is required.


Winfield GateCase Study: Winfield Gate

In Houston, Texas, luxury townhomes tap into load-carrying capacities of glulam beams.

Located in Houston's River Oaks area, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country, the townhomes in Rohe & Wright's Winfield Gate development are a world away from what buyers traditionally envision attached housing to be. The four-story, 4,000- to 6,000-square-foot custom homes are soaring in size and replete with high-end features and thoughtful details, from the fully outfitted roof decks to the chef's kitchen, to the rock-solid structural frames.


Westend Garden ApartmentsCase Study: Westend Garden Apartments

Urban living with a natual twist along Denver's South Platte River.

When Carmel Partners acquired a large swath of property along the South Platte River in downtown Denver, the team knew it had a unique opportunity: garden-style apartments in an urban area typically contrained to high rises. Proximity to the waterfront, trails, and parks only enhanced the attraction.


Keep Glulam Looking Its Best with Proper Storage and Handling

Builder tip on best practices in handling and storing glulam.

Glued laminated timber (Glulam) has an excellent track record for durability and long-term service for structural uses. Like all wood products, glulam beams and columns are subject to the effects of changes in moisture content caused by changes in temperature and relative humidity on the jobsite and after installation.