APA Board of Trustees and Advisory Committees

APA Board of Trustees

Ashlee Cribb, Chair

PotlatchDeltic Corporation

Doug Asano, Vice Chair

Roseburg Forest Products Co.

Mark Tibbetts, President

APA – The Engineered Wood Association

Mike Brown

Boise Cascade Company

Chris Degnan


Jim Enright

Pacific Woodtech Corporation

Andrew Konieczka

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC

Richie Leblanc

Hunt Forest Products, LLC

Roy O. Martin III

Martin Sustainable Resources, L.L.C.

Jimmy Mason

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

John Murphy

Murphy Company

Pino Pucci

Tolko Industries Ltd

Matt Tobin

West Fraser

Stephen Williams

Western Forest Products Inc.

APA — Advisory Committee Chairs

Marketing Advisory Committee

Chair: Doug Asano, Roseburg Forest Products Company
Staff Advisor: Tom Kositzky

Industrial Market Subcommittee

Chair: Richard Mills, Hood Industries
Staff Advisor:  Warren Hamrick

International Market Subcommittee

Chair: Open
Staff Advisor: Natalie Thelen

Nonresidential Market Subcommittee

Chair: Geoff Angle, Norbord
Staff Advisor: Karyn Beebe

Residential Market Subcommittee

Chair: Rhys Thompson, Tolko Industries Ltd.
Staff Advisor: Tom Kositzky

Supporting Programs

Staff Advisor: Tara Mattina

EWTA Advisory Committee
Chair: Chris Degnan, Weyerhaeuser
Staff Advisor: Tara Mattina

EWS Management Committee Chairs


Chair: Amy Vitek, Boise Cascade Company


Chair: Dan Cheney, Boise Cascade Company

Quality Advisory Committee

Chair: Brian St. Germain, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

Staff Advisor: Charles Hartke 

Safety & Health Committee

Chair: Terry Evans, Boise Cascade Company

Staff Advisor: Steve Langager

Technical Advisory Committee

TAC - Panels

Chair: Brian St. Germain, LP

TAC - Glulam

Chair: Jeff Morrison, Rosboro


Chair: Robert Taylor, Boise Cascade Company

Staff Advisor: Dr. Borjen Yeh