APA Board of Trustees and Advisory Committees

APA Board of Trustees

Doug Asano, Chair

Roseburg Forest Products Co.

Chris Degnan, Vice Chair


Mark Tibbetts, President

APA – The Engineered Wood Association

Rich Babcock


John Beers III

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC

Ashlee Cribb

PotlatchDeltic Corporation

Jim Enright

Pacific Woodtech Corporation

Richie LeBlanc

Hunt Forest Products, LLC

Roy O. Martin III

Martin Sustainable Resources, L.L.C.

Jimmy Mason

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

John Murphy Jr.

Murphy Company

Pino Pucci

Tolko Industries Ltd

Chris Seymour

Boise Cascade Company

Matt Tobin

West Fraser

Stephen Williams, Finance Committee Chair

Western Forest Products Inc.

APA — Advisory Committee Chairs

Marketing Advisory Committee

Chair: Dan Semsak, Murphy Company
Staff Advisor: OPEN

Industrial Market Subcommittee

Chair: Richard Mills, Hood Industries
Staff Advisor:  Warren Hamrick

International Market Subcommittee

Chair: Open
Staff Advisor: Natalie Thelen

Nonresidential Market Subcommittee

Chair: Geoff Angle, West Fraser
Staff Advisor: Aleeta Dene

Residential Market Subcommittee

Chair: Rhys Thompson, Tolko Industries Ltd.
Staff Advisor: Larry Oenning

EWTA Advisory Committee
Chair: Chris Degnan, Weyerhaeuser
Staff Advisor: Dr. Borjen Yeh

EWS Management Committee Chairs


Chair: Amy Vitek, Boise Cascade Company


Chair: Dan Cheney, Boise Cascade Company

Quality Advisory Committee

Chair: Brian St. Germain, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

Staff Advisor: Charles Hartke 

Safety & Health Committee

Chair: Steve McKenney, Roseburg Forest Products Company

Staff Advisor: Charles Hartke

Technical Advisory Committee

TAC - Panels

Chair: Brian St. Germain, LP

TAC - Glulam

Chair: Jeff Morrison, Rosboro


Chair: Robert Taylor, Boise Cascade Company

Staff Advisor: Dr. Borjen Yeh