APA Board of Trustees and Advisory Committees

APA Board of Trustees

Jim Enright, Chairman

Pacific Woodtech Corp.

Edward Elias, President

APA – The Engineered Wood Association

Jim Baskerville

Tolko Industries Ltd.

Mike Brown

Boise Cascade Company

Travis Bryant

Coastal Forest Resources Company

Doug Calvert

Calvert Company, Inc.

Ashlee Cribb

Roseburg Forest Products Co.

Chris Degnan


Andy Konieczka

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC

Roy O. Martin III

Martin Sustainable Resources L.L.C.

John Murphy

Murphy Company

Mark Phillips


Jason Ringblom


Tom Temple


APA — Advisory Committee Chairs

Marketing Advisory Committee

Chair: Jason Ringblom, LP
Staff Advisor: Tom Kositzky

Industrial Market Subcommittee

Chair: Gray Skipper, Scotch Plywood Company, Inc.
Staff Advisor:  Mark Halverson

International Market Subcommittee

Chair: Open
Staff Advisor: Natalie Thelen

Nonresidential Market Subcommittee

Chair: Lorraine Russ, LP
Staff Advisor: Karyn Beebe

Residential Market Subcommittee

Chair: Judy Haney, Boise Cascade
Staff Advisor: Mary Uher

Supporting Programs

Staff Advisor: Dana Ohler

EWTA Advisory Committee
Chair: Tom Temple, PotlatchDeltic
Managing Director: Terry Kerwood

EWS Management Committee Chairs


Chair: David Smith, Rosboro


Chair: Mike McCollum, Roseburg Forest Products Co.

Quality Advisory Committee

Chair: Brian St. Germain, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

Staff Advisor: Steve Zylkowski 

Safety & Health Committee

Chair: Terry Evans, Boise Cascade Company

Staff Advisor: Steve Zylkowski

Technical Advisory Committee

TAC - Panels

Chair: Brian St. Germain, LP

TAC - Glulam

Chair: Jeff Morrison, Rosboro


Chair: Dave Anderson, Roseburg Forest Products Co.

Staff Advisor: Dr. Borjen Yeh