Build a Better Home: Foundations

Foundation installation stepsDetails are critical when constructing a sound building that will withstand water and control dampness. Foundation repairs are often difficult and expensive, so it's important to build the foundation correctly the first time. Installing good drainage systems and making sure the ground slopes away from the foundation are two important steps in foundation construction.Installing a home's foundation in accordance to Build a Better Home standards will prevent excessive moisture intrusion.

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Build a Better Home: Steps to Constructing a Moisture-Resistant Foundation

APA's Steps to Constructing a Moisture-Resistant Foundation brochure, available for free download in PDF format from the APA Resource Library, illustrates the following critical construction considerations and guidelines:

  • Sources of Moisture in New Construction
  • General Considerations and Preventative Measures
  • Preventative Measures for Specific Foundation Types
  • Basic Considerations in Foundation Design

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These video segments are excerpted from the Build A Better Home: Moisture Control in Residential Construction video produced by APA. You can purchase the complete 25-minute video from the APA Resource Library. Please refer to current APA literature and consult your local jurisdiction or design professional to assure proper compliance with code, construction and performance requirements.


Foundation Installation Tips

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