Build a Better Home: Resources

More information on better building practices and other related topics

Moisture Mitigation/Free From Mold

A homeowner's companion to the Build A Better Home program, APA's "free from mold" moisture mitigation plan offers homeowners the tools they need to prevent mold and moisture intrusion in their homes. The ten-point protection plan identifies key areas of the home where moisture can be an issue and offers advice on what to do about problems.

Research Demonstration House at the Advanced Housing Research Center

The Advanced Housing Research Center (AHRC) was established at the USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory (FPL), in Madison, Wisconsin, in response to America's need for durable, affordable and energy-efficient housing. Research at the AHRC evaluates technology needed for both new and existing housing and encompasses all types of residential structures in which wood or wood-based products are used as primary or secondary building components. Learn more about the Research Demonstration House at the Advanced Housing Research Center, constructed as part of the Build a Better Home project.

The Building Sciences Corporation

This company is linked to several government programs, including Building America and PATH.

National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB)

The NAHB offers a ToolBase Tech Note on mold, Helping Your Buyers Understand Mold During the Building Process.

Sound Home Resource Center

Web site of Sound Home Inspections, Inc., located in Seattle, Washington.

Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS)

The Institute for Business & Home Safety's publication, Is Your Home Protected From Water Damage?, is an extensive homeowner's guide that explains water damage prevention tips and includes the following sections:

  • How your house handles water
  • Frequent causes of moisture damage
  • Moisture Problems: Prevention & Correction
  • Dealing With major water damage events