APA Launches “Easy Siding & Trim Attachment” Video

Video describes how plywood and OSB sheathing can be used as a code-compliant base for siding and trim.

A new video that explains how OSB and plywood sheathing can be used as a sturdy, code-compliant nail base for siding and trim is available from APA – The Engineered Wood Assocation. In Easy Siding & Trim Attachment, APA’s Engineered Wood Specialist Mary Uher talks to Jon Sukonik, a builder who has taken advantage of the capabilities of continuously sheathed walls for 16-inch on-center siding attachment with 24-inch on-center advanced framing. The 4:36 minute video was filmed at one of Sukonik’s jobsites in Pennsylvania.

“By making a simple switch to continuous wood structural panel sheathing and ring-shank nails, this builder was able to satisfy both the requirements for withdrawal pressures as mandated by code and the fastening requirements of the siding manufacturer,” Uher explained.

Continuous sheathing—sheathing all exterior walls with wood structural panels, including above and below openings and gable ends—is a practical and effective way to meet the code at an affordable cost. Advantages to using continuously plywood or OSB wall sheathing as a nail base for siding and trim include:

  • Ensures that all siding ends and trim are fastened to a solid substrate.
  • Eliminates the need to install additional wall studs, saving expense on time and materials.
  • Allows for the use of popular siding products when studs are spaced 24 inches on center.
  • Eliminates the need to locate hidden studs, which is especially tricky when house wrap or continuous insulation covers the walls.
  • Reduces wind-related siding noise complaints and call-backs.
  • Helps ensure that siding remains in place during high wind events.
  • Maintains structural integrity of the building if the siding is penetrated during a high-wind event.

The program outlines key steps in securing the plywood or OSB sheathing and meeting code requirements for siding attachment. The online video can be accessed from the association’s website, at www.apawood.org/nail-base-sheathing.

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February 21, 2017 Categories: Products & Systems