December 2018 APA Update

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

How do I specify APA products? What is the difference between Structural I, Exposure 1 and Exterior panels? What is marine-grade plywood? Can mold and mildew compromise the integrity of engineered wood? Do APA use recommendations apply to products certified by other agencies? Get answers to these questions and more on our Frequently Asked Questions page—or contact the APA Product Support Help Desk if your question isn’t covered.

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APA Advanced Framing WebinarFulfill 2018 Training Goals, CEUs with APA’s On-Demand Webinars

APA’s webinars provide the latest trainings from industry experts, available live and on-demand, to meet your goals. Current online webinars with CEUs available include:

  • Engineered Wood I-Joists: Fire Protective Assemblies and Firefighter Safety
  • Meeting the Energy Code Using the Performance Path
  • Connection Design Solutions for Wood-Frame Structures
  • Shear Wall Analysis Made Easy: Force Transfer Around Openings Calculator
  • After the Storm: Building for High Wind Resistance
  • All-Wood Podiums in Mid-Rise Construction

Two recently held webinars, Converting to Advanced Framing: Learn from Experience and Frame it Right! Back to Basics for Big Buildings, will be available online soon.

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2X Ledger to Rim Board Attachment DetailFOR CANADA

Data File: APA Performance-Rated Rim Board—Canadian Limit States Design

Just revised, this publication outlines technical details on building with APA Performance-Rated Rim Board® in accordance with Canadian construction standards. Data File: APA Performance-Rated Rim Board—Canadian Limit States Design, Form D340 CA, covers Rim Board connection requirements, including Rim Board to floor sheathing, Rim Board to I-joist, Rim Board to sill plate and Rim Board to 2x lumber ledgers. Notes on proper application cover Rim Board spanning over openings, Rim Board used as fire blocking panels, applications where a high lateral load transfer capacity is required and how to calculate factored concentrated load capacity.

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ABCs of Engineered Wood and its Applications

A-A Exterior, Batten, Chamfer… come again? We use some highly specialized terms, and if trying to interpret the lingo leaves you scratching your head, you are not alone. APA’s online Engineered Wood Glossary of Terms can help; it defines common (and not-so-common) terminology used in APA technical literature, searchable A to Z.

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Excavation for the strong floor in the APA Research CenterUpdate on the Expansion of the Tacoma Research Center

Phase I of the APA Research Center expansion is complete: the columns and beams were set in place, the walls went up and the roof has been sheathed. Next up, excavation for the strong floor, a special floor system that can withstand the application of tremendous forces during structural testing.