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Fire Protective Options for I-Joist Floor Systems, Form R425Fire Protective Options for I-Joist Floor Systems, Form R425

This brochure describes several options that satisfy fire-protective membrane requirements of the 2012, 2015 and 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) related to I-joist floor systems, including construction details. It is a companion piece to APA System Report SR-405 below, intended for audiences who don’t require the comprehensive technical details covered by SR-405.






APA System Report SR-405APA System Report SR-405: Fire Protection of Floors Constructed with Prefabricated Wood I-Joists for Compliance with the International Residential Code (IRC), Form SR-405

APA System Report SR-405 provides several practical systems for design and construction of fire-resistant floor assemblies built with wood I-joists that comply with 2018 and 2015 IRC Sections R502.1.2 & R302.13 and 2012 IRC Section R501.3. SR-405 was developed on the basis of the results of fire tests that met the stringent criteria established by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Acceptance Criteria for Prefabricated Wood I-Joists, AC14. The system report can be used by designers, specifiers and builders for design and construction of wood I-joist fire-protective floor systems and/or by the authority having jurisdiction for approval.





I-Joist Design, Construction, Technical Guidance

  • APA Performance Rated I-Joists, Form Z725: This design/construction guide includes information on Span Ratings, installation details, cantilever designs, architectural specifications and engineering design properties for APA Performance Rated I-Joists.

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  • More Resources for Building with I-Joists: Looking for additional resources on I-joist construction? Download I-joist builder tips, technical guides for special situations, and more.

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