May 2019 APA Update

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Data File: APA Rim Board in Fire Rated AssembliesData File: APA Rim Board® in Fire-Rated Assemblies

This updated brochure presents recommendations for the use of APA Rim Board in conjunction with fire-rated wall and/or floor assemblies. The six fire-resistant assemblies diagrammed in the publication are based on char rates of APA Performance-Rated Rim Boards as determined by the United States Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. The Rim Boards were subjected to fire tests that met the requirements of ASTM E119 and CAN/ULC S101. (Reference Research Paper FPL-RP-610.) GET ►






Builder Tips: Proper Storage and Handling of Glulam BeamsBuilder Tips: Proper Storage and Handling of Glulam Beams

Glued laminated timber (glulam) must be stored properly and handled with care to ensure optimum performance. Adhering to the producer's recommendations or the guidelines outlined in this publication will help protect glulam from damage in storage, during shipment and on the job site. Recommendations for storage and handling of glulam beams. GET ►







Data File: 303 Siding Manufacturing SpecificationsData File: 303 Siding Manufacturing Specifications

The provisions of this specification represent minimum requirements that plywood panels must meet to qualify for classification as APA 303 Series Specialty Siding. When qualified, APA 303 Siding meets the requirements of ANSI/APA PRP 210, the standard for Performance-Rated Engineered Wood Siding. GET ►