July 2019 APA Update

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Space Sheathing Right to Reduce Callbacks

Space Sheathing Right to Reduce CallbacksIt takes less than a minute to see why OSB and plywood should be spaced 1/8 inch during framing. Presented in a simple visual format, these new videos from APA explain the importance of spacing sheathing in less time than it takes to brush your teeth. In English and Spanish.

  • Builder Tips: Space Sheathing Right to Reduce Callbacks SEE >
  • Consejos para los constructores: Separe de manera correcta el revestimiento para reducir los llamadas por fallas VER >


Beauty and the Budget

LEVER Architecture: Beauty and the BudgetThe natural warmth and aesthetic appeal of wood is easy to see. But it has many more benefits that are invisible to the naked eye: strength, environmental responsibility, cost-efficiency, positive economic impact on nearby rural communities and more. "Our approach is equally invested in the meaning behind the material and its sourcing," says Thomas Robinson of LEVER Architecture, based in Portland, Oregon. A deep respect for people and environment inspired LEVER to adopt mass timber design for several recent projects, and the results are both beautiful and economical. Read more in APA Case Study: Beauty and the Budget, Form V130. DOWNLOAD >


APA Performance Rated Rim Boards®

This updated publication covers Rim Board design values and connection requirements, including Rim Board to floor sheathing, Rim Board to I-joist, Rim Board to sill plate and Rim Board to 2x lumber ledgers. Table 5 has been expanded into two tables, 5A and 5B; Table 5B outlines information specific to OSB Rim Board. DOWNLOAD >