A Better Base for Brick Ties

Plywood and OSB deliver superior resilience and strength under brick veneer

Continuously sheathed OSB or plywood walls are a convenient and structurally sound base for attaching brick ties.

A brick house is strong, right? Not always.

Because wood is naturally strong and resilient, OSB and plywood sheathing resist high winds and extreme weather, forming a solid, stable base that's ideal for secure brick tie and veneer attachment.

Inherent instability

Flexible sheathing failureFlexible sheathing is unstable enough to move in high winds, stressing brick ties and veneer to the breaking point. The flexible sheathing at right cast off its brick veneer during a Texas windstorm.







A more secure attachment

Brick tie attachment to OSB with one-inch air spaceWood structural panels like plywood and OSB are strong and stable, so brick veneer anchored to plywood or OSB holds on tight and secure.

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