Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) Beams & Columns

Structural Composite Lumber is a family of solid, highly predictable and uniform engineered wood products designed for structural use. SCL is created by layering dried and graded wood veneers, strands or flakes with exterior type adhesives into blocks of material known as billets. The billets are cured in a heated press and sawn to consistent sizes that are easily worked in the field using conventional construction tools.

SCL products include laminated veneer lumber (LVL), parallel strand lumber (PSL), laminated strand lumber (LSL) and oriented strand lumber (OSL). These products are commonly used in the same structural applications as conventional sawn lumber and timber, including rafters, headers, beams, joists, rim boards, studs and columns. SCL products are also used for wood I-joist flanges and truss chords.

SCL Design Properties

The following publications provide detailed information on the design and physical properties for Structural Composite Lumber.