February 2022

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Note: Due to Covid-19 control measures, we are unable to fulfill orders of printed publications at this time. These publications are available as downloadable PDFs.


Force Transfer Around Openings Shear Wall Analysis ToolsForce Transfer Around Openings (FTAO)

APA’s Force Transfer Around Openings (FTAO) Calculator, an Excel-based tool, and its explanatory Technical Note have just been updated for 2022. These tools are intended to help engineers and code officials in the design and implementation of FTAO shear walls.

Why FTAO instead of other shear wall methods? For one, FTAO offers more versatility, because it allows for the use of narrower wall segments while meeting required height-to-width ratios. For another, it's likely that fewer hold-downs will be required.
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Calculating the Fire Resistance of Glulam Beams and ColumnsTechnical Note: Calculating Fire Resistance of Glulam Beams and Columns

Describes the natural fire resistance of glulam beams and columns and provides fire endurance calculation methods. Includes design examples of two methods of fire endurance calculations.