June 2022

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Shear Exhilaration webinarShear Exhilaration
Wednesday, July 27, 9–10 a.m. PDT

APA's Aleeta Dene, P.E., will provide a top-to-bottom overview of lateral design for wood-framed structures with a focus on shear walls. As a result of this training, participants will understand load path continuity and shear wall performance, including design methodologies for shear walls. Examples from post-disaster evaluations illustrate common failure modes, and methods and outcomes of various designs of wood structural panel shear walls are compared. Participants will also be introduced to installation considerations that may affect performance and how to address these issues proactively. The force transfer around openings method is covered as well. This course is approved by AIA (1 HSW/LU) and ICC (0.10 CEU).


The Importance of Product StandardsWhy Are Product Standards Important?

Products manufactured to quality standards have known, dependable performance parameters, and quality standards assure products will perform as intended across a range of design properties. This short video explains the importance of quality standards for structural engineered wood products like OSB, plywood, I-joists and more.


APA Form TT-131Laminated Veneer Lumber Dimension Adjustment Factors for Compliance with NIST Handbook 130

Procedures for adjusting dimensional measurements of LVL in compliance with NIST Handbooks 130 and 133.