Lateral Load Path Basics II

Tracing a seismic load through a wood-frame structure

Presented by Aleeta Dene, P.E., this session looks at the path lateral loads take in wood-frame structures. Topics of discussion include examples from catastrophic events, load path continuity, discussion of common detailing and examples of successful and unsuccessful connections. As a result of this training, participants will:

  • Understand basic lateral load path through a simple building.
  • Recognize basic components of the lateral load resisting system in wood buildings.
  • Understand the consequences of an incomplete path
  • Comprehend the role of various connections in completing the lateral load path.

AIA and ICC credit is available to participants. Downloadable certificates for this webinar are available when viewed on YouTube or the APA webpage in entirety, after completing a brief questionnaire. AIA requires participants to pass a knowledge test before credit may be conferred.

Approximate length: 61 minutes.