October 2022

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Shear Wall Selection for Wood-Framed Buildings webinarShear Wall Selection for Wood-Framed Buildings
Thursday, October 27, 9–10 a.m. PDT

From wall bracing to FTAO, there are many ways to secure the walls of a building. It’s great to have options, but how do you evaluate which is best for a project? As architects and builders, you may be in the dark about this evaluation process being made by your structural engineer and how it impacts your architectural vision and ease of construction. And as an engineer, you may have always gone with the status quo. But what could you be overlooking? This session examines shear wall options along with the pros and cons of each to help building professionals determine and communicate what structural approach is best for your next wood-framed project. AIA and ICC credits available to participants.


Sustainable Structures Built with Engineered Wood webinarSustainable Structures Built with Engineered Wood

As society seeks a more sustainable future, sustainable building construction is becoming more important. This program looks at sustainability in the construction industry and the role of wood construction, specifically, designing with engineered wood products. As a result of this training, participants will learn best practices to improve design, specification and installation of sustainable solutions using engineered wood systems. AIA and ICC credits available to participants.


Building for High-Wind Resilience in Light-Frame Wood ConstructionResources for Wind-Resilient Construction

Impacts of most common high-wind events are easily mitigated by a few wind-resilient construction techniques. A wind-resistant building costs a little more than a code-minimum one, but it can be several times stronger at resisting wind forces. The following APA resources offer guidance for designing and constructing wind-resilient structures.

Building for High-Wind Resilience in Light-Frame Wood Construction
This design guide illustrates nine construction details that improve wind resilience in residential construction. Expanded in 2021 to include real-world examples of each application.

APA System Report 101: Design for Combined Shear and Uplift from Wind
Details for utilizing wind uplift resistance capabilities from wood structural panels, including resistance to lateral shear forces and wind pressure perpendicular to the wall.