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APA Wall Bracing Calculator

This tool is intended to simplify the design of residential structures that comply with 2009, 2012, and 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) wall bracing requirements. The easy-to-follow process automatically determines how much bracing is required, whether there is enough qualified bracing, and whether all the IRC placement rules have been met. Along with streamlining the calculations, it verifies compliance without the user having to sift through pages and pages of code. And it generates a printout of the project to bring to building code officials.

Access the bracing calculator.

AWC Heights and Areas Calculator

This app, developed by AWC and WoodWorks, assists users with calculating maximum heights and areas for buildings of various occupancies and fire protection based on 2006 to 2015 editions of the International Building Code (IBC).

Learn more about the Heights and Areas Calculator app.

General Information on Wood Frame Construction

Engineered wood products are used in a host of structural applications, ranging from home construction to agricultural buildings to large commercial structures. In both residential and commercial construction, engineered wood products are essential components in floors, walls, and roofs.

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American Wood Council

APA Resources

APA's website is your link to in-depth design and building support, including a library of more than 400 publications available for instant PDF download or hard-copy purchase.

APA Field Services

The APA Field Services team consists of full-time engineered wood specialists located throughout North America. These engineered wood experts include engineers, architects, and construction experts who are available to provide information and recommendations to construction and design professionals.

APA Product Support Help Desk

The APA Product Support Help Desk, a free service, is available to answer your questions pertaining to the specification and application of engineered wood products and systems. Staffed by specialists who have the knowledge to address a diverse range of inquires related to engineered wood, the Help Desk receives hundreds of e-mails, faxes, and phone calls each week from a wide variety of users and specifiers of engineered wood products.

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A comprehensive list of links to organizations and resources that are of interest to the engineered wood and construction communities.

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