Special Projects & Demonstrations

APA has joined with industry partners to develop the following special projects.

The Inside View Project—A demonstration home in the Chicago area

The Inside View Demonstration Home gives building professionals — including architects, builders, code officials, and building designers — a look at energy-efficient framing practices that

  • conserve energy
  • speed construction
  • reduce labor
  • decrease waste
  • exceed structural requirements
  • save homeowners money on their energy bills 

using Advanced Framing techniques and a premium but cost-effective I-joist floor system. Visit The Inside View Project for more information.

Carbon Challenge

In the Carbon Challenge Residential Design Competition, the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) and APA – The Engineered Wood Association (APA) challenge residential designers to create a new home design while considering the impact that building materials have on the environment.

Fossil fuel use and climate change are important environmental issues. The common denominator for these concerns is greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere when fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, are burned for energy or when organic materials decay. While most people are aware that North American forests help to address climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, less well known is the fact that wood products continue to store carbon, thus keeping it out of the atmosphere indefinitely. Substituting wood products for fossil fuel-intensive alternatives also results in significant amounts of “avoided” greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the Carbon Challenge, designers use cutting edge life-cycle assessment tools to help make intelligent, environmentally-conscious and sustainable choices in their building enclosure designs.

Read more about the Carbon Challenge.

The Research Demonstration House at Madison, Wisconsin

APA, the Southern Pine Council, and the USDA Forest Products Laboratory Advanced Housing Research Center partnered to build a 2,200 square foot demonstration home on the grounds of the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. The Research Demonstration House showcases moisture-resistant building practices, energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems, and other green building technologies.

Read more about the Research Demonstration House.