Technical Services

APA is a leader in the area of glued engineered wood products and construction systems research. These products include wood structural panels, glued laminated timber, cross-laminated timber, pre-fabricated wood I-joists, and structural composite lumber, including laminated veneer lumber, laminated strand lumber, and oriented strand lumber.

APA’s 42,000-square-foot research center is a state-of-the-art laboratory staffed by experienced engineers, scientists and engineering technicians, and equipped with modern research and testing equipment. Research is always linked to carefully evaluated market needs and opportunities and serves as the engineering foundation of the Association’s market support and development programs.

Linked inseparably to engineered wood product promotion is an acceptance of these products and applications by international regulatory bodies, model building codes, insuring agencies and lending institutions. Gaining and maintaining those acceptances—locally, nationally and internationally—is an ongoing APA mission that frequently combines the resources of the Association’s technical and field staffs.

Technical Support
  • Product and systems research
  • End-use recommendations
  • Inquiries and technical assistance
  • Standards development
  • Regulatory activities
  • New product qualification
  • Product evaluation
  • Professional societies and organizations
  • Product promotion and education